Just One Guy

She meets harry when he crashes her car 6-months later they are dating but just to find out that harrys so called freinds (niall &Liam) fall in love with her and start to take action. the loan wolf zayn likes her as well but chooses to respect harry and just check her out from a far .since this is so frustrating for her she can talk to louis about everything since he is the sensitive one.



2. Getting Ready


As I walk up the stairs I wonder what just happened should I be offended or flattered .i got to my apartment and opened the door. I have decided to be flattered but I should be focused on my date that was in four hours. OK first I got to get into the shower and also shave if I want to wear a dress. Which I do.........alright we're is my ha there it is. Now lets shave. OK one leg is smooth now the next leg......OW

Are you serious how does someone cut themselves shaving......anyway we're are the band aids .omg please tell me I have more band aids. If he sees this Dora band aid he'll think i have kids. No he wont Angel, I said to myself as I was putting the band aid on the cut. I continued to shave until i was completely smooth. As i grabbed the soap i noticed that my hair needed to be washed , so after i was done actually cleaning myself i took the shampoo and washed my hair. after I was done with everything i got out of my bathroom and went to my room to get dressed ,but as i approached my door i tripped and fell on my behind.

I got up and entered my room. As i scanned my closet i saw my RED dress and i put it on.i looked FINE....... i got my black shoes and put the on. as i was walking to the bathroom i tried not to fall...again. i curled my hair and as i was finishing up my phone rang......RING...RING..RING. I picked it up."hello???"

"Angela? Its harry i'm am downstairs". OK ill be right their.... I grabbed my purse and headed for the door.

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