How Things Change

When Ashleigh and her best friend Natasha go to a one direction concert in London, Ashleigh is torn when Natasha is murdered infront of her own eyes. After a few weeks of strange events, Ashleigh's other two best friends, Laura-beth and Lauren come to see her after a very kind group of boys let her stay with them in the UK until she feels like she can go back to the isle of man.
This is my first movella so please or hate or anything, this fanfic is actually based on a dream I had, I know, weird right!


6. Unexpected news.

Niall's POV 



Ashleigh's voice was brilliant! i'm glad i made her sing for us, even if she didn't want to. We were all just talking and messing around for a few hours when it got to 7'o'clock and my stomach started rumbling.

"food" I mumbled loud enough for everyone to hear and they all bursted out and stayed laughing for about 10 minutes because my stomach wouldn't shut up, eventually everyone calmed down and Liam suggested we all go to Nandos then take Ashleigh back to her hotel so she can bring her stuff to our place before she had to go meet her friends.




~skips car ride~



When we got to Nandos we ordered then took a seat while we were waiting for our food. When it came, we all ate slowly while we were talking and laughing so when we finally finished it was 8:30 so we rushed back to Ashleigh's hotel grabbed all of her and Natasha's things and we were about to leave and check her out of he room when she picked up a teddy from the floor. It was a pale blue bear with Tasha written on one of its feet, she sniffled and hugged it then put it in a bag with some other stuff, she was still struggling with the loss of her friend, not that i can blame her, its only been a few hours!


~skips car ride~



When we got back to the house after a long day, Ashleigh was amazed at the size of the place, i do have to admit, it is a really big house. By the time we had put her stuff in one of the spare rooms, it was time to leave for the train station. It was decided that Liam will go in with her to find the girls with his hood up so they don't see its him, and the rest of us will wait in the car, and then we surprise the 2 of them by taking are hoods down.. this should be fun. *evil smirk and wink*

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