How Things Change

When Ashleigh and her best friend Natasha go to a one direction concert in London, Ashleigh is torn when Natasha is murdered infront of her own eyes. After a few weeks of strange events, Ashleigh's other two best friends, Laura-beth and Lauren come to see her after a very kind group of boys let her stay with them in the UK until she feels like she can go back to the isle of man.
This is my first movella so please or hate or anything, this fanfic is actually based on a dream I had, I know, weird right!


9. The house.

Ashleigh's POV


When we got to the house, Zayn and Harry showed Lauren and Laura - Beth to their rooms which I think was sweet of them but I was packing 2 bags, one for when I had to go to the summer school for a week and the other for when we were all going to Ireland for Natasha's funeral, I think it's sweet of the boys to come with us for support and they did say they didn't want us being on are own in case something happened to us. I think Niall was quite excited about going back to Ireland but he tried not to show it because he knew it would be a bit awkward for me and the girls. I have to admit though, telling Natasha's mum what happened was the hardest thing I have ever done especially because I did it over the phone, i could hear her sobbing and then we decided that she should be buried in her hometown, Birr in Ireland, where her dad lives, I told him over the phone as well and he was in just as much pain as her mum, I felt so terrible, like I could of done something to help but when I told them that that, they both told me to stop being silly and that it wasn't my fault but I couldn't help feeling guilty. Her dad arranged the funeral and it will be on Sunday, its Thursday today and are plane leaves tomorrow then were coming back on the following Wednesday after stopping off in Mullingar for a few days with Niall, I lived in Mullingar for a couple of months when I was 3, I was staying with my auntie while my parents went travelling because my dad used to be 'famous'.. well he was known around the UK but that was it, I think I might visit her while were there too. Once I had finished packing my phone started ringing, I looked at the caller ID and it was Billy (my boyfriend) and I answered in delight as I hadn't spoken to him since I left.

"hey babe, whats up?" I asked him as I picked up the phone.

"hi, nothing much I was just wondering how you and Natasha were getting on in London" he replied and I broke down in tears.

"umm Billy, Natasha died, i'm leaving for Ireland tomorrow for her funeral" I said between sobs.

"your joking with me right" he said I could here his voice cracking as he began to cry.

"I wish I was but i'm not, and why are you so upset you always say how much you hate her?" I was getting confused now.

"I suppose now is the time I should tell you" he said with a deep shaky breath.

"tell me what?"

"I have been seeing Natasha behind you back"

"you what?!?!" I said my tears of sadness turned into anger.

"i'm sorry Ashleigh I know I should of told you sooner I just didn't know how"

"are you fucking kidding me!! this is my best friend, no, my DEAD best friend and you choose now to tell me that you were cheating on me with her though I have just told you i'm going to her funeral in a few days!!!" I yelled down the phone and in about 8 seconds Niall came into the room to see what was wrong but he saw I was crying down the phone so he shut the door and stood there silent for a few minutes,

"Ashleigh i'm so sorry I swear it didn't mean anything to me" he said trying to sound apologetic.

"sorry doesn't fix everything Billy, were done!" I shouted as I hung up he phone before he could say anything else. Niall looked at me with concern in his eyes. he walked towards me and embraced me in a hug then sat down on my bed with me curled up on his lap, crying into his chest. I felt so used, unwanted, just discarded like a piece of rubbish.

"do you want to tell me what happened with Billy then?" he asked and I nodded, I took a deep breath then explained everything. After I had told him everything he was just as shocked as me and he just sat there, still holding me, rocking me back and forth, stroking my hair. After a while, Liam shouted up the stairs that dinner was here, I think they ordered pizza but i'm not sure, Niall picked me up and carried me down the stairs, grabbed his and my pizza boxes, his was a lot bigger than mine, then carried me back up where we put on a movie to watch while we ate, he chose the film so we ended up watching paranormal activity 2, not the best choice..

About 20 minutes into the film I was snuggled into Niall's chest because it was starting to get scary, after I jumped for the twentieth time I decided to shut my eyes and just listen to it, but I guess I must of dozed off because I woke up in the morning still wrapped up in Niall's arms, I was happy we had become so close, he's like a brother to me now so is Liam and boo bear, were like a family, Liam's the dad who stresses out all the time, Lauren is the sensible mum who tries to keep calm, Zayn and Beth were the 16 year old wild child's who do as they please, me and Niall were the children who are always in trouble and Louis is the sweet and innocent 5 year old who has an obsession with carrots, well the second part is true :)

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