How Things Change

When Ashleigh and her best friend Natasha go to a one direction concert in London, Ashleigh is torn when Natasha is murdered infront of her own eyes. After a few weeks of strange events, Ashleigh's other two best friends, Laura-beth and Lauren come to see her after a very kind group of boys let her stay with them in the UK until she feels like she can go back to the isle of man.
This is my first movella so please or hate or anything, this fanfic is actually based on a dream I had, I know, weird right!


10. Off to Ireland.

Niall's POV


I woke up with my arms wrapped around Ashleigh, the way we both fell asleep last night, She looked so peaceful and i didn't want to disturb her so I stayed in her room, after a minute or so, her eyes fluttered open, I stayed silent for a moment.

"morning princess" I whispered in her ear i'm pretty sure my morning voice is amusing to her because she giggled a bit.

"what time is it" she said her voice was soft and sweet at the moment, i was so adorable.

"10:15" I replied looking at my watch then i realized we had to get up now if we wanted to get on the plane.

"crap we better get up" Ashleigh said as she untangled herself from me and walked to the wardrobe, pulled out some clothes then went off to have a shower, I got up and went to shower in my room while she was getting ready too.


After I was dressed and ready to go, I got my bag and walked downstairs to see everyone but Ashleigh down there waiting.

"wheres Ashleigh?" I asked, slightly concerned.

"i'm here" I heard a voice say from behind me I turned around to see Ashleigh stood there in some dark blue skinny jeans and a union jack hoodie, sometimes I think she forgets its summer, I ran up to her, picked her up ,then ran to the car and put her in the back seat, she just sat there laughing while I put our bags in the boot a long with everyone else's.


We all got in the car, Liam was driving, Lauren in the passenger seat, me Ashleigh and Beth were in the back, Harry and Zayn were sat on the floor in front of us and Louis was in the boot with the bags, it was a bit of a squeeze but we all fit - ish. When we got to the airport we all piled out he car and got our stuff, security brought us through the gates so he fans and paparazzi couldn't get to close to us, I don't know how to tell the boys that my mum's organised a party for when we get there but I might just keep it as a surprise for when we get there, it might cheer the girls up after he funeral. As we boarded the plain we found out we had a private cabin just for us so I asked Ashleigh if I could sit next to her and she seemed happy I did, not sure why, but you know. As the plane took off, she grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight, I could tell she didn't like flying, so I pulled her closer to me and hugged her, she seemed to relax a bit when I did do that's a good thing.


~skips plane ride~


We landed in Dublin and got ready for the long car journey ahead, Ashleigh looked a bit nervous, not sure why.

"are you ok, Ashleigh" I asked obviously concerned.

"yeah, i'm fine just a bit worried about what Michael will say" she replied sounding a bit shaky.

(Michael in Natasha's farther)

"i'm sure he will be fine, he knows it wasn't your fault and I think he just needs to know what happened at the arena" I tried to reassure her but it didn't go to well, after a few hours of driving we finally got to the hotel and we were all shattered and just went to bed. I shared a room with Liam, Harry shared with Louis and Zayn was on his own, the girls had one room together with Lauren sleeping on the sofa. I'm not sure why but the past couple of hours I haven't been able to stop thinking about Ashleigh, I don't know what this means, do I like her? No, I can't like her, she just broke up with her boyfriend, who was cheating on her with her best friend, and there is quite a big age difference, she's nearly 14 and I just turned 19, I mean that would be so wrong! But she did say something about there being a difference between her and Billy and some of her other boyfriends, maybe it wouldn't be to bad, but she probably doesn't feel the same way, I mean shes gorgeous, she could probably have any guy she knows, the way her beautiful gingery brown hair falls down past her shoulders and her side fringe covers part of her right eye, shes has deep brown eyes that make my heart melt, her light pink, love heart shaped lips it takes me all of my power not to kiss them the second I see her, she has the most amazing smile, it's hard to believe she was ever bullied in school, but sadly that is the case, I've seen the scars of proof. I was snapped back to reality by a knock on the door, Liam was asleep so i got up and opened it, Ashleigh was there and she looked like she wanted to say something but that changed when she crashed her lips onto mine and i kissed back, our lips moved in sync and it was perfect, i didn't want it to end but it had to.



Ashleigh's POV


I couldn't sleep, all I was thinking about was Niall. I couldn't do this any longer, I got up checked my hair and put on a light sweep of foundation (so I didn't look ill) and walked out of my room, I was aware that i was only wearing my pyjama short and a vest top but I didn't care, I needed to know if he felt the same way. I walked down he hallway and got to Niall and Liam's room, I hope Niall answered the door, I knocked twice then waited a second then Niall opened the door and looked at me concerned to see if I was alright, I was about to say something but then I gave in and crashed my lips on to his and to my surprise, he kissed me back! Our lips moved together until we finally pulled away and looked into each others eyes.

"Niall, I love you, I have since the day I met you and I can stop thinking about you" I said without even realizing i had opened my mouth i stood there looking into his crystal eyes waiting for his answer he looked happy, he was smiling.

"I love you too" he replied before kissing me again. This time more passionately.

"see, I told you it was going to happen" we heard Louis say, sure enough, him and Harry were stood at their door watching us we pulled away and I smiled then ran up to Louis and shouted -

 "BOO BEAR!" as i jumped into his arms and gave him a hug. The 3 of us were laughing until Liam and Lauren woke up and came outside to see what was happening, I did the same with them only I shouted "MUMMY!" for Lauren and "DADDY!" for Liam and I hugged them both. Everyone was laughing so much then Liam had to ruin are fun and tell us all to go to bed... Mean daddy! Niall kissed me goodnight and we walked back into our own rooms tomorrow we had the day to chill before the funeral on Sunday.

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