How Things Change

When Ashleigh and her best friend Natasha go to a one direction concert in London, Ashleigh is torn when Natasha is murdered infront of her own eyes. After a few weeks of strange events, Ashleigh's other two best friends, Laura-beth and Lauren come to see her after a very kind group of boys let her stay with them in the UK until she feels like she can go back to the isle of man.
This is my first movella so please or hate or anything, this fanfic is actually based on a dream I had, I know, weird right!


8. Meeting the boys.

Laura - Beth's POV


As we were walking to the car with Ashleigh and her 'friend' ,we had no idea who he was, I could see on Lauren's face that she really wanted to tell her about Natasha and Billy but I gave her the death stare so that she knew she couldn't. When we got outside, we were expecting to see a taxi or something, but no, instead there was this huge limo. At first, me and Lauren thought it was for someone else until Ashleigh and the other guy opened the door and got in. We were both shocked at first and then when we were inside we saw 4 other boys, they were all wearing sunglasses and had their hoods up.

"so, Ashleigh are you going to introduce us to your little friends" Lauren said with a cheeky smile.

"I don't need to" Ashleigh replied with a devilish grin, I was getting slightly worried now.

"whats that supposed to mean" me and Lauren said in unison as the limo started to move.

"you already know them" she replied, her smile getting wider, I was freaking out now.

"can you just tell us who they are already!" I said, sounding exhausted. The boys and Ashleigh gave each other a nod, like they had a plan to kill us, then at the same time the boys took their hoods down, hey looked slightly familiar but I still didn't know who they were, after that they all just sat their smiling at our confused faces, then they took they're sunglasses off and oh my god, I felt my jaw drop!

"holy shit" I heard Lauren mumble under her breath, I couldn't help but giggle at her comment and then Zayn broke the silence with his famous, but definitely still adorable, just like him,

"vas happenin?" he said a bit to confidently so we all started laughing, oh we were going to get Ashleigh back for this, big time!


"what up Beth - Beth, you seem very... shy" Ashleigh said with the cheekiest smirk I have ever seen.

"we will get you back for this Ashleigh, you little bitch!" I replied in a jokey way. We all just laughed and for the rest of the car ride the boys and Ashleigh explained what had happened the past 2 days of their lives and then said we were staying i he mansion with the guys.. this was going to be goooood!!!

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