The world is in ruins, dead have risen and are attacking the living. Santana, Brittany, Alivia, Anabell, Audrey, Declan, Dominique, and Raymen a group of friends are about to enter their worst nightmare.


6. Wawa

Brittany pulled her crossbow around to face the front and grabbed five arrows shooting all five of the infected that were outside in the head with the arrows.. Climbing off the motorcycle with Santana following and putting her crossbow behind her again, pulling out her sword Brittany starts walking to the doors.. Ray quickly jumps out of his hummer and follows them with everyone else right behind him..

"Britt wait.. We don't know how many are inside.." Ray whispers..

"Ray I will be fine.." Britt replies opening the door and walking inside..

Everyone followed her and looked all around only seeing three infected.. Ray headed for the bathrooms to see if there were any hidden.. After checking the whole place and not seeing any other than the three that are by the cash register.. Brittany walked to the three infected and killed all three of them with one swipe of her sword.. Seeing all kinds of cigarettes and cigars she fills one whole duffel bag with all of them..

"Really Britt?" Dominique says.

"What?" Brittany asks looking at Dominique innocently.

Santana laughs and walks over to Brittany before they both take off to get food for everyone.. Anabell starts wandering through isles finding all kinds of things and then she starts hearing meowing coming from under one of the shelves.. Bending down she looks and sees a grey and white kitten..

"Awww.. Hear kitty kitty.." Anabell says.

Suddenly the kitten comes out from under the shelf and looks at her with wide eyes.. Anabell slowly and gently picks her up before getting up and running to where Brittany and Santana are..

"Britt I found a kitten can we keep her?" Anabell asks excitedly.

Santana looks at Brittany and gives her puppy dog eyes causing Brittany to agree..

"Only if we name her Tatum.." Brittany says..

Anabell nods enthusiastically and then runs off to find Alivia.. Dominique is looking around for Ray when she hears whimpering coming from behind the counter.. Slowly she walks around the counter and sees a small dog that looks terrified..

"Come here puppy.." She says softly.

The dog looks up at her and slowly walks to her.. Dominique picks her up and walks to Brittany and Santana.. When Brittany and Santana see the dog their eyes get wide and they smile..

"Roxie!!" Brittany says excitedly taking her puppy from Dominique.. "Where have you been?"

Suddenly Ray appears and walks over to them.

"We need to leave.. Get as much as you can and lets go.." He tells them before walking off..

Everyone starts getting as much as they can.. Brittany hits the jackpot when she finds cases upon cases of water and all kinds of soda.. Quickly her, Santana, Ray, and Declan start loading up the vehicles.. After getting all of the stuff in the vehicles they get in or in Brittany and Santana's case on and drive off..


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