The world is in ruins, dead have risen and are attacking the living. Santana, Brittany, Alivia, Anabell, Audrey, Declan, Dominique, and Raymen a group of friends are about to enter their worst nightmare.


2. Pennsylvania

It was Friday when the nightmare happened, Brittany, Dominique, Audrey, Alivia, Declan, and Anabell were all at lunch in their school. Santana and Raymen had been at home sitting in Britt's house watching tv when the channel suddenly changed to the news.

"There are infected attacking citizens of Bethlehem stay inside don't go anywhere... Don't leave your homes and please be careful.." The news man said.

"Ray.. Britt and her friends are at school.." Santana said worriedly..

"I know sis.. I'm ignoring that idiot let's go save our girls." Raymen said putting on his jacket and grabbing four aluminum bats..

Santana grabbed one of the bats from him as he grabbed the keys to his yellow hummer that he got for his birthday from his dad. They both grabbed boxes of food and drinks taking them out to the hummer before going back in and grabbing duffel bags of clothes for themselves, Britt, and everyone in Britt's family... Finally they got in the Hummer and headed to the school..

At the school Brittany had noticed one of her teachers acting weird in the lunchroom.. She leaned over and whispered to Anabell who had sat next to her at the lunch table.

"Have you noticed Mr. Mingora acting weird?" She asked.

"Yeah.. Actually I've noticed a lot of the teachers acting weird." Anabell replied.

Just then Mr. Mingora attacked and bit into their guidance counselor Mrs. Kern.. Brittany quickly jumped into action grabbing Anabell by the arm..

" We have to get as many people as we can out of here.." She said.

Anabell nodded and they got Dominique, Audrey, Declan, Alivia, Danielle, Skylar, Kaylee, Carissa, and Marely out of the lunch room and to the front of the school with little incident.

Ray pulled up in front of the school and saw Brittany and Dominique plus their friends.. Santana quickly jumped out and hugged Brittany tightly before everyone got into the hummer.. There wasn't enough room for thirteen people so some had to sit on laps. Santana sat on Brittany's lap, Audrey on Declan's, Anabell on Alivia's, and Dominque between Ray and Brittany.. They quickly pulled off most scared of what had happened... Brittany was blank faced as she realized only Santana and Ray had been home, her mom had taken everyone but her dad around to do some things.. Her dad was at work but she new he would have left to go find her mom..

"We need to go to everyone's houses and get food and clothes." Ray said..

So with that in mind they started driving to everyone else's homes to get food, clothes, and to see if their families were still alive.. They stopped at Audrey's house first.. Brittany walked in with her holding one of the bats just in case their were infected in the house.. After finishing getting Audrey's stuff and not finding her dad they walked back outside.. They had the same problems at the other's houses.. Before continuing on the road..

"Where are we going?" Dominique asked.

"To Atlanta.. I think it might be safe there.." Ray said.

They were passing a Cabella's when Brittany told Ray to stop and head there. Ray stopped and turned into the parking lot it was empty which was god..

"Why are we here?" Santana asked.

"We need equipment for sleeping and weapons. This place has guns, tents, sleeping bags, and all kinds of stuff.." Britt replied.

They all got out of the car making sure no infected were around before running into the Cabella's.. Each worried about their families and if anyone of their friends made it out and were still alive..



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