The world is in ruins, dead have risen and are attacking the living. Santana, Brittany, Alivia, Anabell, Audrey, Declan, Dominique, and Raymen a group of friends are about to enter their worst nightmare.


4. On The Road

As they were driving on the highway they it started getting dark.. Ray stopped the hummer causing Lizzy to stop the RV and Brittany to stop the motorcycle.. Ray got out of the hummer and walked to Brittany..

"We need to find a place to sleep." He said.

"I think we should just sleep here have the RV, Hummer, and Motorcycle blocking any infected from getting to us.." Brittany said.

Ray nodded and Lizzy, Ray, and Brittany put the vehicles close together at angles that way there were no gaps and the infected couldn't get to them.. After that they set up the tents and said goodnight and going into their tents..

Brittany and Santana's tent

After changing they were both laying down talking to each other about what was going on until Santana fell asleep.. Brittany stared up toward the ceiling of the tent and thought about her family.

Ray and Dominique's tent

Ray changed in the RV while Dominique changed in the tent.. After he said goodnight to Lizzy and Becca he left the RV and headed back to his tent..

"You decent?" He asked.

"Yes Ray." Dominique replied..

Ray unzipped the tent and walked in zipping it back up and laying down as soon as he laid down Dominique laid down putting her head on his chest and quickly falling asleep.. Ray on the other hand stayed awake..


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