The world is in ruins, dead have risen and are attacking the living. Santana, Brittany, Alivia, Anabell, Audrey, Declan, Dominique, and Raymen a group of friends are about to enter their worst nightmare.


5. Morning attacks and Quick stops

Ray and Brittany finally managed to fall asleep at some point that night.. But nothing could prepare them for the next morning when they woke up.. Everyone had awoken to the moans and groans and even growls of the infected.. Leaving their tents with their weapons in hand everyone in the group was prepared to fight.. When they got out they saw all of the infected that were being blocked by the vehicles.. Brittany, Ray, Alivia, and Anabell jumped on  top of the RV yes that's right on top of the RV and started killing the infected.. Suddenly a gigantic infected like one you would see in Resident Evil but without the spikes in it's back came out of nowhere.. Knowing that if you gave Anabell enough sugar Brittany handed Anabell a candy bar..

"Time for some fun!!" Anabell exclaimed excitedly.

Anabell ate the whole candy bar in two seconds then jumped off the RV moving really fast and started doing dances around the gigantic infected thing.. The gigantic infected thing trying to follow her got dizzy and fell to the ground suddenly Anabell brought the sword she hand in her hand down and into the gigantic infected's head killing it instantly..

"That's how you do it!!" Anabell exclaimed jumping back over the RV.

Everyone who was watching had their draws dropped except Brittany and Alivia who are smiling..

"Guys, we should probably head out.." Ray says..

Everyone agrees and they start packing up their stuff as quickly as they can. After getting everything they go to their respective vehicles and drive off still heading for Atlanta, Georgia.. As they are driving they start to feel hungry, suddenly they pass a WaWa and Ray pulls into the parking lot because he also needs to use the bathroom.. Looking around he notices five infected on the outside but, he doesn't know how many are on the inside. Grabbing his walkie talkie he talks into it meaning Santana and Brittany and all of the girls in the RV hear him..

"Okay. We need to get inside but we have to kill the infected that are outside and inside.. Only problem is I don't know how many are inside.." He says.

"Alright.." Santana and Brittany reply.

"Okay.." All of the girls in the RV reply.



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