The world is in ruins, dead have risen and are attacking the living. Santana, Brittany, Alivia, Anabell, Audrey, Declan, Dominique, and Raymen a group of friends are about to enter their worst nightmare.


3. Cabella's and Cars

As they entered the Cabella's Brittany had Santana stand behind her as Ray had Dominique stand behind him. They continued walking until Brittany saw where she wanted to go and headed in that direction with everyone following.. Santana had a grip on Brittany's hoodie and stayed close behind her.

As soon as they walked in Britt grabbed three of the crossbows and all of the arrows that were in that room as Ray looked at the hunting rifle and took all of the bullets plus the silencer. Alivia was immediately distracted by the rows of of weapons that they could use like swords which Brittany and Santana each take one.. Audrey, Alivia, and Anabell quickly grab two swords and two hand guns.. Dominique goes for the guns grabbing a hunting rifle, two hand guns, and a shot gun plus all of the bullets putting them in a duffel bag.. Declan sees a sword he really likes and grabs it also grabbing a hunting rifle. Marley, Skylar, Kaylee, Carissa, and Danielle just grab a gun each.

After getting their weapons they head to the camping isle grabbing walkie talkies and  a tent for each person.. Santana and Brittany get a tent to share, Same with Ray and Dominique, Audrey, Alivia, Anabell, Carissa, Marley, Declan, Skylar, Kaylee, and Danielle get a one person tent each.

They are finally done and head back to the hummer putting everything inside and that;s when they hear them.. Infected are heading their way.. Brittany pulls out her sword as does Alivia, Ray grabs his silenced hunting rifle and shoots the first three infected as Alivia and Brittany run towards the last six and kill them cutting their heads off before running back to the hummer.

"Guys, it's time to go.." Brittany says and they all pile back into the hummer quickly the same way they were before.

Again they were on the road when Brittany told Ray to stop because she saw a place they should check out for more vehicles... Ray pulls in and sees a few good vehicles.. That's where they run into Lizzy and Becca two of their best friends..

"Ray, San, Britt?!!" Becca whisper yells before running over to the hummer with a smile.

"Becca.. I see a good vehicle.." Lizzy says as she walks up..

Brittany randomly walks off from the group and to the motorcycle she thinks is amazing and stares at it since she knows how to drive.. Santana still following her around... Ray looks at Brittany and smiles.

"Get it.." He says..

Brittany walks inside and gets the keys to the motorcycle as Lizzy walks inside and gets the keys for an RV she saw.. They both come back out and head to the vehicles they got the keys for.. Brittany grabs her bag of stuff and puts it over her shoulder before getting on the motorcycle with Santana who wraps her arms around her waist.. Lizzy goes to the RV with Becca and some of the girls that were in the hummer so now it's just Ray, Dominique, Alivia, Anabell, Audrey, and Declan.. Finally they head back on the road.


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