Scars of Truth

Rachel hasn't been at school for a whole week. Santana, Quinn, and Brittany are worried. What will happen when the glee club decides to go looking for her. Faberittana.


3. Why Don't You Come on Over Mike?


" We got some food come on lets eat princessa." Santana whispers to the shorter girl causing her girlfriends to look up at her.

Rachel just nods and they all eat some of the food Quinn brought up consisting of fruit salad, vegan bread, vegan pizza, and vegan ice cream.

After eating all of the food all four girls fall asleep. Rachel in her bed while Santana, Quinn, and Brittany are on the floor covered in blankets with pillows from the guest room having not wanted to leave Rachel.

The next day when all four girls wake up Rachel, not remembering how she ended up in the house freaks and starts screaming. Santana, Quinn, and Brittany quickly get up and walk over to her slowly.

"Princessa you're okay. Everything is fine. It's just me Quinn and Britt." Santana whispers soothingly.

"How did I get in here?" Rachel asks quietly.

"We brought you up here after the whole glee club came to look for you. Britt found you and then San and I followed and we took care of you but the rest of the glee club didn't see you." Quinn replies.

"Oh okay." Rachel says.

"Although, Mike wants to see you." Santana says.

"Can you tell him to come over?" Rachel asks.

"Of course I'll go text him now." Santana says.

Santana walks out of the room grabs her phone and texts Mike.

'Y dont u cum on over Mike?'

'Is it alright with Rach?'

'Yeah she told me ta ask u ta cum over."

"Ok I am on my way.'


After she texts Mike she goes back into the room and climbs on the bed with Rachel.

"Mike is on his way." Santana tells Rachel.

"Okay. Thanks. Um I thought you guys hated me." Rachel whispers.

"We could never hate you. It's just an act. All three of us like you." Quinn replies

While they wait on Mike to get there Quinn goes downstairs cleans up the kitchen cooks breakfast and then eats when the other three girls come downstairs.

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