Scars of Truth

Rachel hasn't been at school for a whole week. Santana, Quinn, and Brittany are worried. What will happen when the glee club decides to go looking for her. Faberittana.


2. What Happened to You


" Okay I will help you." Brittany said as she stood up and lifted Rachel bridal style and carried her back through the woods and to her back door.

Opening the door she followed Santana and Quinn into the house and up the stairs to Rachel's bedroom.

" Is everyone here?" Rachel asked in such a small voice that Santana's face softened.

" Yeah they are Rachel." Santana answered.

" Please make them leave." Was all she got in reply as Brittany carried Rachel into her bathroom and started a warm bath.

Santana walks downstairs and to the front door where she can hear most of the Glee club discussing what might be wrong with Rachel.

Opening the door swiftly, Santana is tackled by questions from pretty much everyone in the Glee club, Mr Schue included.

" Shut yo mouths!" Santana yells over everyone, causing the large group to silence.

"Santana how did you get into the house and did you find Rachel?" Schuester asks the Latina, who is becoming frustrated by the amount of questions being thrown her way.

" Yes, me, Q, and B found Rachel. We got in through the backdoor with Rach." Santana growls.

" Can we see her?" Finn asks with that stupid smile on his face.

" No." Santana replies sharply. She couldn't pretend it didn't make her happy to see the look of hurt on his face. "She told me to make you all leave as she is getting in a warm bath. I'm warning you all, she is hurt." She took in the worried expressions of her friends, and carried on "…But will be fine." Santana says noticing Finn trying to move through Puck and Mike, but failing.

" Santana please let me see her she is my best friend." Mike whispers sadly after walking up to the Latina and leaning down.

" I would if I could Mike, maybe tomorrow." Santana whispers back before closing the door on the rest of the Glee Club.

Rushing back up stairs she walks into the room as Brittany is dressing Rachel in some animal print pyjamas.

"Jeez Rach, you really love the animal look don't you?" Santana joked,trying to get a smile out of Rachel.

When she realized she wasn't going to get one,she scanned her eyes around the room,noticing Quinn's absence.

"Wheres Quinn?" The Latino whispered to Brittany,who having dressed Rachel was now bustling around her room to make it tidier and try and find out where her dads where.

"Uurm, outside maybe? She walked out when I got her in the bath, I think." Brittany replies.

Santana sighed, running a hand through her hair. "Right, I'm going to make us something to eat, who knows how long she's been in that forest!"

Brittany gave Santana a sympathetic smile, squeezing her arm. "At least she had the gnomes to keep her company though!"

Santana just smiles at her blonde friend. " Yeah Britts. At least she had the gnomes."

They both go quiet when they hear a noise coming from downstairs.

" Q is that you?" Santana yells down the stairs.

" Yeah! Bringing up some food for all of us!" Quinn yells back up the stairs.

They hear footsteps coming up the stairs and soon a short blonde walks into the room carrying a tray of food.

" Thanks Q." Santana says sitting down on the bed next to a sleeping Rachel.

Both blondes watch as their latina girlfriend gently shakes the shorter brunette.

" Rachel wake up we got you some food." Santana mumbles next to Rachel's ear causing her to jump and scream.

Santana gently wraps her arms around the shorter girl rocking her gently.

" We got some food come on lets eat princessa." Santana whispers to the shorter girl causing her girlfriends to look up at her.

Rachel just nods and they all eat some of the food Quinn brought up consisting of fruit salad, vegan bread, vegan pizza, an vegan ice cream.

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