Scars of Truth

Rachel hasn't been at school for a whole week. Santana, Quinn, and Brittany are worried. What will happen when the glee club decides to go looking for her. Faberittana.


4. Tell me what happened to you


"Mike is on his way." Santana tells Rachel.

"Okay. Thanks. Um I thought you guys hated me." Rachel whispers.

"We could never hate you. It's just an act. All three of us like you." Quinn replies

While they wait on Mike to get there Quinn goes downstairs cleans up the kitchen cooks breakfast and then eats when the other three girls come downstairs.

The doorbell rings just as all four girls finish eating. Santana gets up and walks to the door to answer it. When she opens the door she sees Mike standing there.

"Hey Mike. Come in." Santana says before rushing back into the kitchen where Rachel, Brittany, and Quinn are.

"Hey S." Mike says as he follows her.

When they both get to the kitchen Mike stops at seeing Rachel so bruised and battered. When Rachel sees Mike looking at her with concern she looks down.

"Rae, what happened to you?" Mike asks with tears in his eyes.

"I can't tell you yet. I'm sorry." Rachel whispers.

"That's okay Rae. I understand." Mike replies.

When Rachel looks back up she can see the understanding in his eyes and she rushes over to him and hugs him while sobbing. Mike quickly wraps his arms around and rubs her soothing manner.

"Rach, where are your dads?" Quinn asks what her and Brittany had been wondering.

"They left me for New York when I was twelve." Rachel replies.

With those words said Quinn growls low in her throat causing everyone to jump. When she realizes what she did she blushes and looks down.

"That isn't right how could your dads leave you!" Santana growls.

"They said something about never wanting a daughter. They wanted a son." Rachel replies.

"Rachie, when can you tell us what happened to you?" Brittany asks innocently.

"Later Britt I promise." Rachel replies.

So as the day goes on Mike, Santana, Quinn, and Brittany try to make Rachel smile again while they wait for later that night to hear what happened to her.

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