Scars of Truth

Rachel hasn't been at school for a whole week. Santana, Quinn, and Brittany are worried. What will happen when the glee club decides to go looking for her. Faberittana.


5. Raped

"Rachie, when can you tell us what happened to you?" Brittany asks innocently.

"Later Britt I promise." Rachel replies.

So as the day goes on Mike, Santana, Quinn, and Brittany try to make Rachel smile again while they wait for later that night to hear what happened to her.

When night came Rachel, Quinn, Brittany, Santana, and Mike were all sitting in the living room. Quinn, Brittany, Santana, and Mike were quietly waiting for Rachel to tell them what happened to her.

"It was on Sunday I was walking home from a dance class."

Rachel had just gotten done with dance class. As she was on her way home she decided to go through the park since it was right next to her house. As she was walking through the wooded area to her house she was hit in the back of the head. When she hit the ground her attacker rolled her over and started ripping her clothes. She tried to scream really she did but her voice caught in her throat. All she saw was blonde hair and a green shirt that said 'Everybody wants this'. Then she felt pain between her legs.

"This is what you get for embarrassing me you bitch!" The blonde yelled.

After that Rachel blacked out and while she was unconscious the blonde raped her several times before taking out a knife and writing on her back.

After Rachel finished telling them what she remembers Santana grabs her and holds her in her arms. They all walk upstairs and lay on Rachel's bed. Mike, Brittany, Rachel, Santana, and Quinn is how they were laid. That's how Noah Puckerman found them the next morning.

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