my online hero

alexa davies is 16. shes constantly bullied. theres a new kid at her school. niall horan. hes famous so veryone wants to be his friend. alexa has problems at home and is scared to talk to anyone. apart from her online chat buddy nhod1993.


2. chapter 2

nialls p.o.v


i stood outside of the gate waiting for alexa. she had to go to her locker after tutor so now i was waiting for her. i couldnt wait to suprise her. then i got a message

from alexalovesniall: im just coming out of school now, ring me xx

to alexalovesniall: ok xx

i dialled her number and saw her pick up. she was not far in front of me.

"hey is this you?" she asked

"yh" i replied disguising my voice a little "meet me at nialls house hes fine wih it"

"ok" then she hung up. i went up to her as niall.

"hey lexi you ready to come to mine. your little boyfriend person is gonna meet us there." she laughed and we walked off towards my house. it was a 20 minute journey so we just talked about random stuff. then we got on the topic of her online boyfriend.

"how did ya meet him?" i asked "and why does he mean so much to you?"

"well with all the bullying at school hes kinda a way to get it out f my system ad alk to someone who actually gets me and knows me for once." i smiled.

"aww he sounds like a nice guy. " now she laughed. we had just got to my front door. i turned the key in the lock and we went inside.

"where is he?" she asked.

"um about that.."


alexas p.o.v


"um about that" he said. he loooked akward

"what?" i said "just tell me hes not cming its not like ive never been let down before." he sighed

"thats not the reason" he said

"what then?" i asked "where is he then?". he looked a little nervous

"here" he said pointing to himself. i didnt know what to do or say. one part of me was extremely happy. i mean in a way i was going out with niall flaming horan. but on the other hand he never told me who he was and this could be some sick joke between him and the rest of one direction. i stared at him and he looked worried

"please say you really love me and this is not some sick joke" i said to him

"no its not" he said "i really love you" i didnt know what to say to that so i decided to go up to my room. when i got there i had a new message

from nhod1993: im really sorry i didnt tell you. i just thought you wouldnt like me for me and you would only like me for my fame. please forgive me and come downstairs. we can order pizza and watch some movies xx

i smiled. wow this boy knew how to make an apology

to nhod1993: i think we should go out. if i am gong out with you i want the world to know. i dont want to hide my feelings for you from the world. xx nandos? xx

it only took him a minute to reply

from nhod1993: hell yh baby :) xx get ready we will leave in an hour. love ya xx

aww this boy was is so sweet. i got my light blue dress on with my matching heels and headed downstairs.


liams p.o.v


i was in the living room with niall. he was texting someone.

"who ya texting nialler" i asked him

"alexa" he replied calmly and carried on texting

"but shes upstairs!" i said a little suprised.

"yh i know" he replied "anyway i gotta go get ready i got a date tonight" he said and smiled like crazy.

"with who" i asked getting excited

"umm alexa who else"

"oh so you two are taking this marriage thing seriously"

"about that" he said and walked off. i could believe it. niall and alexa were going out. thats so cute.

"NIALLS GOT A GIRLFRIEND!" i yelled and instantly harry, louis and zayn ran into the room.

"who, who,who" they all chorused

"alexa" i said and smiled as niall appeared at the doorway looking all smart. "nialls gotta girlfriend!" i said and snmiled at him. he stuck his tongue out at me

"immature" i said and he laughed.

"shh guys" harry said "shes coming down" he was right. just then she appeared. she looked beautiful. she had a long blue flowing dress on with blue heels. she had long blonde hair that fell to half way down her back. she looked a version of true beauty. i mean niall had done good.

"have fun guys" zayn said as niall lead her out the door

"but not too much fun" louis piped in sending us all into giggles. alexa rolled her eyes then started laughing aswell.

"well louis if we do ill make sure to come into your room and warn you so you an put earpugs. im sure we will be extra loud just for you." alexa said. this gave us the giggles even more. niall said she had been bullied. i dont see how i mean shes so beautiful. i promise her that i will be there fo4r her no matter what happens. i mean i hgad been throu7gh this when i was younger and its horrid but imagine getting bullied at 17. it must be awful. after her and niall got into the car louis smiled

"hottie alert!" we all laughed

"hes really done good" harry said

" i know if i didnt have someone as beautiful and funny and just pure amazing as danielle i would be a bit jealous" i said

"me too with eleanor" said louis

"and me with perrie" zayn added in. i smiled

"seems that harry is the only single pringle left in one diredction now" that annoye him slightly. oh well as long as one3 dat he finds somebody worth of him.

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