my online hero

alexa davies is 16. shes constantly bullied. theres a new kid at her school. niall horan. hes famous so veryone wants to be his friend. alexa has problems at home and is scared to talk to anyone. apart from her online chat buddy nhod1993.


1. chapter 1

alexas p.o.v




"tramp" they shouted the names at me but i just ignored them as i normally did. i had social studies now and then home. not that i would have prefered it there. i mean having a drug addict mother and a pyscopath father and a little brother whos too sared to even sleep in his own bed anymore and shares with me. i pulled up my seat beside casie. shes the only person i really like here. shes the only one who will really talk to me.

"right class. i would like to welcome our new student." my boring teacher my lawson said "some of you here may know him. hes coming here for 2 years to finish off school. please treat him like a normal student. welcome mr niall horan." i gasped. i mean nearly all of the people in my class did. his was a blue eyed, blonde haired angel.

"hi everybody" he said in his adorable irish accent.

"right mr horan you will be sitting next to miss davies" mr lawson said pointing at me. i nearly fainted. this boy was all over my bedroom walls and now i was going to be sitting next to him. oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

"haha you get to sit next to the tramp" somebody shouted and im pretty sure it was kyle. kyle norton and i went out before my dad got crazy and my mum started the drugs. back when my life was normal. he broke up with me after 3 years of being together and now for some reason her hates me. i felt my self blushing.

"dont listen to them" niall whispered to me "liam got bullied when he was younger and look at him now." i smiled. of course i knew what liam he was talking about. liam payne. a mega fit, sexy and extremely attractive 19 year old.


we were in pairs for a project. we had to live as a married couple for one week. that meant sleeping round one of eahothers houses. luckily for me i was paired with niall and it was all agreed that i would spend the wekk at nialls. we got outsid and niall and me caught the bus to my house. i packed my stuff and said goodbye to my little bri=other jamie. i was gonna misshim. i gave him my old phine and told him to text me if anything happened. as long as dad didnt find out about the phone. i saw niall in my bedroom smiling.

"hey what can i say, your goddam hot!" he smiled and took at picture of my bedroom walls.and then smiled again.

"well im gonna rub this in the boys faces" i laughed. not too much after we were at one directions house.they introduced themselves and i went upstairs to the room i was going to be sleeping in. just then i got a message of this chat app i have been going on recently. it was from him. me and nhod1993 had been getting really closeon this lately.

from nhod1993: hey alexa how was school? x

to nhod1993: good thanks we got a new student today and hes mega hot. hes called niall aswell. funnily its niall horan :) xx im at his house doing a social studies project :) xx wuu2 ? xx


nialls p.o.v


i stared at the messag

from alexalovesniall: good thanks we got a new studnt today and hes mega hot. hes called niall aswell. funnily its niall horan :) xx im at his house doing a social studies project :) xx wuu2 xx

i couldnt believe it. i have been chatting to alexa for a while now. i guess i could use this as an advantage to get her to go out with me. i mean she was amazing and i think im in love with her

to alexalovesniall: hey xx we have been chatting for a while and i wondered if maybe you wanted to go out. i can meet you tomorrow :) xx please say yes to being my girlfriend.

from alexalovesniall: yh sure ill go out with ya :) xx why dont you come to nialls. he says its ok :) xx luv ya boyfriends

to alexalovesniall: luv you to girlfrind :) x


i couldnt believe it  she said yes !! she waqs going to get such a suprise tomorrow


to alexalovesnial: number ? xx

she gave me her number and i saved it in my phone. yay i was so happy

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