I'm here for you

Andy is having a very hard time dealing with getting over his ex who wants nothing to do with him. My name is Jasmine (Jaz for short). Andy is my best friend and I have been in love with him for 2 years and hate seeing him this sad, will helping him get through this make him realize his feeling s for me or will it ruin our friendship?


2. A Fun Day Out

I woke up and find that Andy's arm was snaked around my waist and I did not mind it at all. I looked at him while he slept, he looked so peaceful and innocent. I wished so badly I could make him and mine and make him happy. I quietly slipped out of his grip and went into my bathroom to take a shower. The hot water ran down my tense muscles, always so sore from running, and it relaxed me a little bit. I got out and wrapped myself in s towel and walk into my room and I jumped when I saw Andy sitting up on my bed. The shirt I gave him was very snug  on his toned body and made his abs very visible and the sweatpants hung dangerously low on his hips. I couldn't help but stare a little.

"Ooh, you're awake."

"Yeah, I woke up just a few minutes ago when you were in the shower."

"Oh okay, I'm just going to get dressed." I said blushing as I realized that I was only in a towel and headed in my walk in closet. I picked out a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and my tank jean jacket. Then, I slipped on my black leather lace up boots. I walked back in my room to see Andy laying back down in my bed.

"Andy! Wake your lazy ass up. We're going out today."

"Ugh why? Can't I just sleep for..like ever?" He groaned into my pillow.

"No!" I told him shaking him by grabbing his shoulders.

"Okay okay, I'm up." He said, slowly, and I mean SLOWLY, getting up.

"Alright, now get yourself dressed." I told him in a warning voice.

"Don't talk to me in that tone of voice, young lady." He said jokingly, walking to my bathroom, and I laughed at him, shaking my head. While he went to change in the bathroom, I decided to do my makeup. I put on my foundation light just enough to blend in my skin. I used my bronzer to add some glow to my cheeks, and I finished off the look with mascara and a light lipstick.

Andy came out of the bathroom wearing his T shirt and jeans from last night. He came back into my room and slipped on his sneakers. His dark brown hair was tousled and messy, but in a way that was extremely sexy. He seemed so sad with that look in his eye i caught when he thought I wasn't looking. Seeing him this way was heart breaking, especially knowing there wasn't anything I could do about it. But, that doesn't mean I'm not going to try, and that's why we are going out today and then tonight.

"Where are we going anyways, Jaz?"

"Right now, we're going to the mall..time for you to get out and have fun. We are going to shop and then catch a movie of your choice."

"Do I have to?"

"Don't you act like you couldn't use this day. You know as well as I do that we haven't really hung out in ages."

"Fine, fine."

"You ready?"

"Yeah, let's go."

I quickly grabbed my purse and my keys off the kitchen table and hopped into the drivers' seat of my car. I flipped on the radio only for it to be changed as soon as Andy got in the car. I smiled at his antics and began to drive. The mall parking lot wasn't too packed for a Saturday, so hopefully there wasn't too many people.

"Where to first?" I asked Andy as soon as we got inside.

"Food court." He replied without even thinking about it, and I laughed at him as i found us a table and he went straight for Subway.

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