death eaters win

2 girls find a book and open it .Thay get taken to the wizerding
world of harry potter.One girl gose to the dark side and the
over to the light side


1. the start

Tow girls named Amber and Katie go on a camping trip ,thay ask if thay can go to a diffrent part of the forest

and thar foster parents say yes so Amber and Katie go off . When Amber starts to make the tent Katie finds a book

she runs strat up to Amber and said I fond this book do you know what it dose or is .Amber said she had no idear

what it is or dose so Amber and katie open the book as thay open the book thay get sent to the wizerding world of harry potter.

Amber all equiped with what thay need to live including thar  favourt book searies harry potter go and start makeing a new tent

when katie finds out that she has a wand in her poket and tells Amber when Amber terns arond she finds she has her owen

wandso thay both say lumos and thar wands light up suddenly harry potter himself sees us Amber ran but Katie whent to help

because new strat away it was set in the deathly hallows

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