death eaters win

2 girls find a book and open it .Thay get taken to the wizerding
world of harry potter.One girl gose to the dark side and the
over to the light side


2. the dark side

Amber was wallking in the forest for days and suddenly a death eater was behind her she was reading harry potter

and the goblet of fire the death eater grabbed the book and the death eater called a nover death eater to take her away to malfoy

manor when she got thar Bellatrix Lestrange was at the gate and let us in. Amber was sent to a room it had a long black tabal

by the tabal was lots of  men and at the top of the tabal was a man with no nose thesecond she saw him she new it was voldamort. Voldamort asked her who she was she said her name was Amber he asked her what this book is she said it was

a harry potter book and she had all of them voldamort asked if she was a muggal or a wich she said she was a wich and she is a big fan of his work and yore plan will not work if you just look in book 7 and just after she spoke voldmort said put yore arm out so she did and voldamort put the dark mark on her.

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