Only with you

This is a fanfiction about Harry Styles and his best friend Tiffany. Tiffany´s little sister, Melody, got cancer and there´s nothing left for the doctors to do. It´s to late and Melody is dying. Harry and Tiffany have known each other since they were kids. But things change.


4. Chapter 3

The lady smiled and gave us and a room number. I think she could feel the tense atmosphere that was around me and Harry.


“Thank you” Harry said and gave the nice lady a thankful nod. We walked down the hallway until we saw the number on an old blue door. Harry loosened his grip on me and pushed me forward to enter the door.

Though the window beside the door I could see Melody lay in the hospital bed and sleep. My mom sat beside her in a chair holding her hand.

I quietly opened the door and met my mother’s eyes. They were just as red as mine were. She stood up from the chair and gave me a tight hug.


 “Are you alright?” I asked her.


“I´ve been better” she said.

“Tiffany...” A low voice from the bed filed the room.


“Hey sweetie, how are you” I asked her and gave her the first real smile since I got the news.


 “I´m okay, just a little tiered” she said and yawned. I moved to her bed and hugged her. I gave her a kiss on her forehead. She was so pale and there were bags under her red eyes.

In the corner of my eye I could see my mother and Harry talking in a lower voice.


“Have you slept since you got here?” I asked Mellow.


 “I don´t know” she said with a smile on her face and a little laughter could be heard from her tiny lips.


“You don´t know?” I teased.


 “Most of the time” She said and flashed a pair of white crooked teeth. Her blond hair fell into her face and I swiped it away behind her ear.

“What were you doing before you got here?” She asked.


“Oh. We were asleep” I said. I didn´t tell her about all the crying. It would only make her sad.


 “Together?” she said with a sassy smile on her face.


“Oh god. No Mellow. We – were – asleep. How do you know about these things you´re only 10 years old?” I said.


 “Well... I don´t live under a rock” she said smiling. I tousled her hair


“stop it “she laughed.


“You ill-mannered faggot” I laughed and stopped tousling her hair.


Harry's POV.

 I was talking to Tiffany's mother, Allison, while Tiff was sitting with Melody. It looked like they had fun. Tiffany tickled her, trying to make her smile. We had been here the entire day and I was pretty exhausted. I could see Tiff was too but she kept smiling for her sister. That's the way she was. Always carrying.

"Please tell me how she's taking it. I mean, I know she's sad about it, I am too, but I really want to know how she is" Allison spoke with a worried voice.


 "Yeah, like you said, she's really sad about it. She has been crying for hours, but I think you knew that already." I didn't felt like giving her a lot of information I knew she could get from Tiff anyway. She just nodded at me, and then we both looked at Tiffany and Melody. You could tell Tiffany was the happiest girl in earth in that moment, and I was glad to finally see her smile again. The other night had been terrible. To see Tiff cry. I hated to see her like that.

Tiffany's POV.

I was just chatting with Mel, when I heard someone open the door, and I turned my face to see who it was.


"Melody needs to sleep now, so I have to ask you to leave. I'm really sorry." It was a nurse who came to check on Melody, but I wasn't ready to leave her already. I knew I had to, so I took her hand and said


 "I love you Mel, to the moon and back" and then I placed a kiss on her nose.

She looked at me with sleepy eyes trying to give me a big smile, but it just turned out a little awkward. I couldn't help but smile. I let go of her hand, and walked over to Harry and my mother. Before I walked out the door, I looked over my shoulder, trying to get the last eye contact with Melody, but she was already surrounded by nurses.

My mom should sleep at the hospital with Mel until she felt safe enough to sleep there alone. I was tired and yawned several times on our way home.

Harry had some rehearses tomorrow so I had to be alone in my apartment.

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