Only with you

This is a fanfiction about Harry Styles and his best friend Tiffany. Tiffany´s little sister, Melody, got cancer and there´s nothing left for the doctors to do. It´s to late and Melody is dying. Harry and Tiffany have known each other since they were kids. But things change.


2. Chapter 1


Tiffany’s POV.


 It was mid night and I heard my phone buzz. I took my phone from my beside table and answered it without opening the eyes.


 “Hello?” I said in a sleepy voice. The clock was only 2 AM, so I was kind of confused.


 “Honey, we need to talk.” I heard my mom say with a sadly voice. She sounded like she had just cried.


 “I got bad news.” I didn’t answer I just waited for her to go on.


 “It’s about your sister...” she started.


 “What is about Melody?” I said worried.

Melody was only 10 years old and the only sibling I got.


 “We just got home from the hospital again” she cried. I knew what she was going to say. Melody had been visiting the hospital countless times the past few days.


 “What had happened?” I asked a little more awake now.


“Tiff she got cancer... There is nothing the doctors can do about it” she whispered.


“Is she going to... die?” I sank a lump when I said that. A loud cry could be heard from the phone. I closed my eyes and felt how my body froze so I couldn´t move. I felt the tears falling down my cheeks.


“I need time to think…” I whispered and hung up.

The first thing I did was calling Harry. I didn’t really care that it was mid night, I needed him right now. I just wanted him to sit beside me, and tell me everything would be all right even though I knew it wouldn’t. I typed in his number and waited for him to answer. Luckily he did.


 “Hi Tiff, why are you calling so late?” Just the sound of his sleepy voice made me feel so much better.


 “I need you right now Haz, can we meet up or something?” I couldn’t stop crying.


“Sure, I’ll be at your place in 10” You could tell by the way he said it, that he was worried. I was so grateful to have a friend like Harry. He was always there when I needed him.

I got out of bed, and into the bathroom. I turned on the cold water, and washed my face. I grabbed a towel to dry my face with and looked at myself in the mirror. A moment later it knocked on the door. I ran out of the bathroom towards the door. I opened the door and ran into Harry’s arms. The tears streamed down my face while Harry rubbed my back. I didn’t need anything but his voice to tell me anything would be okay.



“What happened?” Harry asked after awhile. The words only made me cry even more.


 “Let´s go inside instead of standing out here” He said pushing me into the house.


“Where is your mother?” He asked softly while taking his shoes of.


“At the hospital” i whispered.


“Again? Can´t they figure out what´s wrong?” He said sadly. I nodded and more tears fell down. He walked over to the kitchen cabinet with cups for tea. When he turned around to hear my answer I just looked him in the eyes. I could tell he was worried by the face he pulled.


 “Harry she got cancer” i said. He froze. The cups he had in his hand fell to the ground and broke into pieces.


“What! No it can´t be true. Please tell me this is a joke” he rashly said.


“It´s true... She is dying” i cried. “Can´t the doctors help her? I mean... Isn´t there some kind of medicine that they can give her?” he almost whispered.




“How long...” He started.


“I don´t know” I interrupted. “Oh Tiff “He said while hugging me.


“I’m so sorry”. Harry´s shirt was all wet on the spot where my head had been. “Come let´s get some sleep and we´ll talk about this tomorrow” He whispered. Harry took my hand and we went upstairs to my room.

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