The dent on my conscience

A few stories about people been killed in the Hunger Games. Enjoy :)
Please give it at chace and read.


3. Wrong

From a Capital persons point of view.

There was something really wrong about this kill. There was something so wrong about the nearly nineteen year old killing the twelve year old. There was something wrong about the muscular young man pinning the weak struggling girl to the ground and choosing the right weapon.There was something which made me shake at the thought of her tears spilling out of her eyes as the boy hits her on the head with his fist.

The screen skipped to colourful images, images of dead people. They skipped by, showing pictures and zooming in on them. I felt sick. How could those people be so thristy for blood? Put bets on who they think will win a game.

I take a small peek at the screen, Im sure if I didn't look my bloodthirsty father would make me. My whole family love the Games but I can't stand them. They are so cruel and it makes them worse when they stay up all night watching it. In the sixteen years of my life I have seen a few throats been ripped out and it wasn't nice to watch let alone have it happening to you.

In the end I leave the room using the excuse of going to the toilet, knowing I will be baled out in a few minuites.  I sit down on the toilet seat and put my face in my hands. Why would our ancestors do this to us? They sent our planet to a nuclear war then left their great great grandchildren to pick up the pieces. I jump at a knock on the door followed by an angry, excited voice. "Pertunia! She's dead, the little girl, it was so dramatic. Why did you have to go and miss it?" It was Fidol; the worst uncle ever.

"Oh. Im so sorry. I wish I could of seen it, I really do." I reasurred even though it wasn't true. I hated lying but anything to stop me been shouted at was good, I just had to fight the truth.

I stand up and unlock the door, making sure I flush the toilet to make it more realistic. "Don't worry too much, you can watch a replay."

I sigh. "Ok. Yeah. What happens?" I ask. I thought I would be able to get out of it.

"Loads of things. S-she got – stabbed. But more stuff happened." Although Fidol was the nicest person in my family, he wasn't really nice at all. He still got drunk off the Districts supplies and ate too much food.

When we arrive in the Hunger Games sitting room area, Uncle Fidol plonks himself on a sofa. It makes me feel embarrased that we have a room to watch the Hunger Games in,but it was a need thing a few years ago and now its always upped with the latest technology. Fidol picks up the remote and rewinds untill he gets to the bit I missed.

"Brace yourself, its amazing." Joked Fidol. It wasn't funny. However, the rest of my family thought it was, they all laughed while their jangling body jewels jangled and their corsets failed to make their fat bodies look thinner.

I jumped when the screen flicked on. The twelve year old was on the floor and had small cuts on her head, each of them trickling blood. I saw a lot of blood coming out of her mouth so there must be some cuts to the mouth too. Even if she survives his kill surely infection from his dirty, bloody knife could kill her. He suddenly grabs her legs and pulls her to a nearby stream. She tries to roll out of his grip but he probably has the strength of a grown man. He roughly pushes he into the stream and dunks her head under the water. She struggles to pull her head out of the water but fails when the first stab of the knife wounded her.

I close my eyes but feel the rest of my family look at me. I force myself to look. I stare back at the screen while the boy repeatedly stabs her in the chest. Again, again and again. When her body is limp the lifts her out of the water and examines her body for a second then he throws it against a tree. She makes a small sound in pain but is too weak to do anything about it. I want to jump into the screen and save her but our technology hasn't made that possible and probably never will.

Her face is blue. I don't know whether its with bruises or lack of oxygen but it looks horrible. The boy beat her to a pulp and now she looks like a mangled piece of meat, her hair now a know and all the fire in her eyes extinguished.

"Now its the best bit!" Yelled Fidol.

She was still lay limply on the ground when small creaking of twigs sounded. She was definatley not dead, a cannon hadn't sounded. Suddenly, I saw a small figure skip by in the background. Then another and another. Soon enough there was a figure skipping round every second. It didn't take long to realise what they were. Mutts. That girl must be clever because she notices then just as I do. Even though she is weak she is trying to regain normal breathing patterns but its not working, I can see her chest raising and deflating really fast. In the shadows the mutts grow closer, starting to show some beady eyes. Then, they jump. Ten massive, grey wolf-like mutts dive into the area and run towards the girl. She screams. Screaming won't help you but it might be a quick reflex. I would never know.

The mutts finally get what they want and drag her into the bushes. I sigh. Its over. I think, relieved. But no. The screen shoots to a scene in the bushes where the mutts rip apart her fire, her soul, her only hope. Its more disgusting now, the mutts are ripping her legs of and I can hear bones cracking and blood is everywhere. Fianlly one of the mutts bites her neck and the cannon booms. Silence. The mutts run into the ground and the whole arena is still. The hovercraft flies over and poaches her body off the ground. Blood drips from the sky untill she is gone and I feel like Im about to cry. I swallow hard and say, "Wow. That was amazing I can see why you love it so much."

"I know. I love how the mutts come at the right moment." How could someone say they love that?

"Anyway. I better go." I reply. Sighing.

"Why would you want to go? I thought you loved the games." Said Cyriol.

"It was just a bit gross, thats all." I reply inniocently.

"Well, I want you to watch it. We are your family and you should do what we say!" Yelled Fidol. He was angry now.

"I can't, I can't watch it! I scream and run out the house.

The streets were deserted. Everyone was watching the games, especially since we lived near the presidents mansion. I run into the Hunger Games weapon shop and stand on the middle for a few seconds. I don't like my life. That girl doesn't deserve to die. I need to be with her. I plunge the knife into my chest, right in the middle of the shop. Im doing this for her. Im doing this for her. I think as I plung into oblivion.

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