The dent on my conscience

A few stories about people been killed in the Hunger Games. Enjoy :)
Please give it at chace and read.


6. Why would they create something so lethal?

I found myself asking this question from the second I was reaped. Why me? Why would these wealthier people do this? Wouldn't they be happy with what they have got?

Anyway, I can't really imagine it been any other way now. People just take everything out of you. I'm sure I'm going to die soon. I'm not strong or clever. I never got an education. But it still angers me. Those people can be whatever they want. We can't, us district people don't get a choice we are just the extras in the controlling country.

I let myself sit and shiver for a moment. If I was in the games I might as well give the people what they want. I let tears go down my face and put my head on my knees. People don't understand what its like. How can the careers enjoy it? They love killing. How can they? They are stronger than everyone. They don't have a single regret about killing. If I killed a fly I would be shaking with regret. What would that fly or done to anyone else? Its like the games, us people have never done anything to hurt the Capitol. Its unfair really.

Most people know they are going to die and don't have a second thought. The thing which makes me feel like rubbish is that they bet on who they think will win. I bet no money will go on me. I haven't even had a parachute. I know the people in my District are poor but I thought District Twelve would of been able to scratch up some more money.

But no. The Capitol created something so lethal that I'm not sure it will be the same again.

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