The dent on my conscience

A few stories about people been killed in the Hunger Games. Enjoy :)
Please give it at chace and read.


4. When you are a Career: New seacret

When you are a Career there is a bon which can easily be broken, easily be charred. You always want to win and when the bond is broken you don't have a chance of winning. I plan to kill Troy, the strongest out of all of us. I plan to kill him with Nightlock and a slit to his throat.

I sit on guard. I have been waiting about an hour and they have finally dropped off. When they do, I stand up and sneak over to the Nightlock bush. I gently pull them off the bush, making sure the juice doesn't squirt near my mouth. When three perfect curved berries are in my palm I walk over to the camp. I take a deep breath and walk over to the first Career. I crush up one of the berries in a stone and violently shove it down her throat. Then I rush over to the next girl and do the same. I need to do it fast so so Troy and Gabe don't find out. But its too late, two cannons boom and I freeze in my spot, petrified. For once in my life I am scared. Why did I do this? They are going to spot me. I hold my breath.

"Were they cannons?" Gabe says sleepily.

"Yeah. I heard some screams about two minuites ago. I think they both killed each other."

"Ok. Keep watch." They order.

I sit back on the ground. That was so close. I open up my palm and see the berry inside. This is my last chance to kill him or I am never going to win. I look around then hear soft snores; they were asleep. I lift myself to my feet the walk over to Troy.

"Say goodbye." I wisper slyly. Knowing he won't hear. I crouch by his side and slit his neck. His eyes open abruptly and then widen as I smile and drip the berry juice in his mouth.

"Im not sorry." I grin and the cannon goes off. For a moment I grin I just killed three Careers in the space of three minuites. But reality hits me and I rush over towards Gabe. I examine him for a moment tall, muscular, good looking. Im throwing a lot away. I crouch beside him for a little longer. I smile again, Im sure it will work and with my throwing skills I could have a stone to his head in seconds. Then, he starts to stir, his eyes open and he looks at me accusingly. Immediatley, I plunge the knife into his throat and twist it round. He starts to make girgling noises so I pull the knife out and look down at my most violent kill. His eyes jump to me once again and I give him an eveil smile.

"I killed them all and I have just killed you." Like it was on que the cannon booms leaving the forest in silence. I stand up and look around. I killed them all. I think. I killed them all.

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