The dent on my conscience

A few stories about people been killed in the Hunger Games. Enjoy :)
Please give it at chace and read.


7. Goodbye


The sun has finally melted onto the horizon and I continue my patrol. When I say patrol I mean walking round the arena hoping I don't come across anyone. I have done this all the time in the arena. I have came across two people so far, neither of them noticed me. Or even heard me. I get a chill down my spine, I have been in the arena for two days, they have to bring us together sometime. They want the action. I haven't had any, I continue to walk through the field and into the woods. Pine needles crunch under my feet and droplets of water drip from the pine needles and trickle down my back. The ice cold water makes me shiver and I steady myself reminding myself where I am.

I trudge towards the light. I always have to be careful not to walk into a clearing in case the Careers or anyone else see's me. I sneak now, my nimble toes creeping behind a small bush on the out skirts of the woods. I see a clear view and lie on the grass. I think about my time in the blood bath; I was injured but still moved even in my pain. For the first time I think about it.

"Never loose hope until everyone is dead." A quote my mother always said. I think about it and look up to the sky. I can't see any stars. I guess the Capitol equipment couldn't make the stars reappear. I think that its pretty amazing it got dark so fast. I am about to look down when the Capitol symbol pops up, this year, in the games they show you how the person died. Ten cannons sound, and the pictures of the people and how they died pop up. None of the people really catch my eye. Except the Careers. There were three of them left now there are none. In turn I watch their deaths; it turned out they had a big argument over tension building and one of them lashed out. The bond was broken a full blown fight broke out. "Wow," I say. That means there are only... two people left... me... and  him. He is twelve. I am seventeen. This is not right.  He needs to win. I jump up and spend the rest of the night searching for him. 

Morning comes. I find him. I smile at him. I think the Capitol guessed I wouldn't put up a fight. My predictions are right when the mutts jump out. "Run!" I shout. He darts away. I see him disappear in the distance.

A tooth impales my hand. What a good way to go. I'm not going to fight. It would be cowardly. The last thing I see is a butterfly landing on a flower.

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