The dent on my conscience

A few stories about people been killed in the Hunger Games. Enjoy :)
Please give it at chace and read.


1. First kill



I can't think of anything that person did wrong. But I killed her anyway. Just a small blond haired girl. Twelve years old, I think. So innocent, so small. The thought of killing her felt so sweet at first but now feels like a poisioned apple.


"No! No! Help me please! Somebody!" She screamed as I grabbed hold of her collar, pushing her closely against a tree.



I pick out my biggest, sharpest knife. The one which would kill quicker, do the most damage.



"No! Please stop. Spare me!" She screams.



I sigh. There is now way Im letting her go; my family depends on my safety... Anyway what is her life going to be like after being in the games? She has two parents and an ok life in District four. Whereas I have to look after Kimba and Grandma.

I hold my knife by her chest and bury it deeply into her. Warm trickles of blood drop off the knife as I dislodge it from her chest.


I step back and she collapses against the tree. Blood is rapidly leaving her body and she grows paler every second. I go back even further running as far away as I can. Escaping my sin. Escaping the guilt.

I hear faint wails in the distance, the last noise of the girl. Something inside me is making me move, move towards her. I suddenly find myself running, running through the trees and jumping over logs untill I arrive at the scene. She is lay on the floor now and breathing deeply. She is trying to stop the blood escaping her body. I step forward a little but stop myself. Snap. The girl looks up eyes wide eyed.

"Please don't." She says softly.

I swallow hard.

A tear rolls down her cheek. "You know I don't blame you for doing this. I was never going to win. You deserve to."


I find a tear roll down my cheek but quickly wipe it away."How can you foegive me?"

"I can't. Well, part of me can't but you needed to win and I didn't."

"But you can have a life and I can't!" I say almost in hysterics.

The girl smiles sadly, still holding her fatal wound. "I know but you deserve it more."

There is silence for a while then she starts breathing deeply and more tears roll down her cheeks. Suddenly, she starts to wail. It makes me feel grim at the thought that I inflicted it on her. I close my eyes and hope that I never got reaped, never got into the games and never hurt that girl.

"Ow, um. Ow!" I stand there frozen. "Please! Make it stop! Make it quicker!" She wails I look round and a small green bush with dark blue berries catches my eye. Nightlock. You'll be dead in a minuite. The phrase runs through my mind like a bullet through my head. I rush over to the bush and tug the berries off the tree. Small trickles of juice run down my hands but I pass it to the girl. She takes the handful of berries and slowly picks them up. She lifts her arm to her mouth but she is so weak that she can't reach past her shoulders. I briskly walk over and feed the berries into her mouth. She closes her eyes and embraces the poision. Nothing.

"Wait! Whats your name?" I ask knowing that she will be dead before the poision reaches her stomach.

"Daisy." She says in a soft voice. She closes her eyes and her breathing stops.

A single tear rolls down my cheek like a rain drop. The cannon goes off in the background. My hands move towards the bush. They grasp the berry. I take a deep breath and try to embrace the sour taste. The last thing I will ever taste.


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