Last Chance (Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

Louis Tomlinson is a normal fifteen year old boy- well, if normal meant living in the largest human settlement for hundreds of years. The great and powerful Panem.

It's time for The Fifth Annual Hunger Games, the main entertainment the people in the Capitol always look forward to.

Unfortunately it's Louis who's name has been drawn. Not only is he forced to leave behind his family, and his friends, Louis is forced to leave behind his girlfriend, Eleanor, to take part in a bloodthirsty fight to the death between him and twenty-three other tributes.

He says to Eleanor before he leaves, that he will try to win. For her. But things get more difficult when his love for Eleanor and his faith becomes his lifeline, and much, much more.

It's his Last Chance for survival.


1. The Reaping

It's six o'clock in the morning and yet again, I'm finding it difficult to fall asleep. I'm not surprised. What with today being the reaping and all. The day where two kids, one boy, and one girl, between the ages of twelve and eighteen's lives are changed forever. Unfortunately I'm still a candidate. Fifteen years old, three more reaping's and then I'm safe. Safe from The Hunger Games. Not entirely. Even the parents themselves are 'unsafe'. In the very least, two families will be mourning. They will shut up their doors, and exclude themselves from the rest of the district, until The Hunger Games are over, and secretly they will be watching their child, and more likely, watching them die. A normality in district 10. 

I sighed and sat up. I realized there was not much point in me even attempting for sleep to find me, it never had done in the past three reap days. My mother was still asleep, in the far bed, and next to her was my younger sister, Charlotte. Charlotte is lucky enough to be too young to be reaped, at age seven. But it doesn't stop her from getting scared and climbing in with our mother. She's not scared for herself, she's- rather flatteringly- scared for me. My step-dad, Mark must have left already for the fields to tend to the cows. He'd be back before noon, though. To help us prepare for the big event. 

Five more hours and it'll all be over. Five more hours of nerve-wracking fear and suspense. Five more hours and then I wont have to worry about it until next year.

I had to go out to work in the fields too. Either I do- or I lose my job. 

I got up silently, careful not to wake my mother or my sister. I pulled on a pair of ragged blue jeans and a dirty red checked shirt. 

Downstairs, I grabbed a small piece of bread from the 'kitchen'. (It was just a small box big enough to hold a few pieces of bread, some greens and a piece of cheese) 

I shoved the bread into my pocket and pulled on my work-boots. They used to give me blisters, but I had, after a few months, broken them in and they were the best shoes I owned. They were the only shoes I owned. 

I unlocked the door and jogged out towards the fields.

Mark was already there, herding the cows to their summer pastures. With him were my two friends, Togan and Venita. Besides that, nobody else was here, I guess everyone was too nervous about later- so nervous, that they forgot about the punishment, the peacekeepers would issue if you didn't show up for work on time. But I think even the peacekeepers are on edge- worrying about their own children. Their own families.

Togan greeted me with a smile, before handing me a crook. He was always smiling, no matter what happened in the future. I remember asking him about it once. "I don't have an imagination. That can be good and bad." He'd replied with another smile. He didn't have much reason to smile, considering it was his younger brother who had been reaped a couple of years ago, and had not made it back home. His job was to bring up the rear, and when not herding, he helped milk the cows. My other friend, Venita was more of a shy, secretive person. She'd barely spoken a word to me at school, or in the fields, out of all the years I've known her. Actually, I don't think she can speak. Venita's job was herding the yearlings, keeping them all with their mothers. 

Mark ignored me. He just nodded towards the left flank, telling me to go over there. 

It was hard work, but I was used to it. 

By the end of the morning, I was hot, sweaty, and covered in a mixture of dirt and cow dung. 

The moment I got home, my mother made me get into the bath. My brown hair was washed, and pretty much my whole body was cleaned, so furiously I think I lost a layer of skin. I got out of the bath, pulling a towel around my body and making my way to the bedroom. My mother had left out Mark's best. A pearl white shirt, and a pair of black trousers. "Mum? Do-"

"Mark doesn't mind." She said quietly. I could see the fear behind her eyes, but I pushed that away. 

"Thanks Mum." I smiled. She returned the smile, a little, almost non-existant smile, and left. 

The shirt was too long, and the pants were a bit tight, but I managed to put them on without destroying them. The shirt was tucked into the trousers and one of the trousers' buttons was left undone. So in other words I managed. 

My mother, my sister and I all walked towards the Justice Building. My heart was in my throat and I wanted anything to be out of there. I hadn't even seen Eleanor all day. Hadn't even thought about her. If I was going to reassure her, I was going to have to do it now. I saw her, walking slowly towards the fifteen year old section. I caught up with her. "Eleanor!"

She turned, and hugged me hard. "I hate this time of year Lou. I really do." She replied, and like I had seen in my mother's eyes, I saw nothing but fear. 

"How many do you have in there?" I asked, thinking of my own twelve strips of paper.

"Nine. I had to sign up for tesserae." So she'd had an extra slip put in. We'd both had to sign up for tesserae, to make the bread, I'd forgotten to eat. The small slice in my pocket. "Here." I said, handing her the bread. "You look more hungry than I am. Take it. I've got more at home." I saw her smile sadly, but she refused to take the bread. I tore it in half, and handed her the other half. "At least take that."

I walked off before she could make me take it back. I was more scared for her, than for my own stupid being. I had even forgotten to wish her luck. 

I crossed the courtyard and made my way over to where the fifteen year old boys were. We exchanged terse nods, before looking to the front. The mandatory film about the dark days was playing. 

After it was over, Quinton Barnsley stepped up to the microphone. "Welcome! Before I forget, Happy Hunger games!" He said, his voice rolling around the courtyard. No response. "Well, I think we'll do boys first, a bit of a change." He smiled as if nothing could please him more. He stepped over to the big glass bowl that contained each and every boys between twelve and eighteen names. Twelve of those were mine.

Quinton reached a hand in, and rummaged around slightly before grabbing a slip. He stepped back over to the microphone and said calmly. "Louis William Tomlinson." 


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