Last Chance (Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

Louis Tomlinson is a normal fifteen year old boy- well, if normal meant living in the largest human settlement for hundreds of years. The great and powerful Panem.

It's time for The Fifth Annual Hunger Games, the main entertainment the people in the Capitol always look forward to.

Unfortunately it's Louis who's name has been drawn. Not only is he forced to leave behind his family, and his friends, Louis is forced to leave behind his girlfriend, Eleanor, to take part in a bloodthirsty fight to the death between him and twenty-three other tributes.

He says to Eleanor before he leaves, that he will try to win. For her. But things get more difficult when his love for Eleanor and his faith becomes his lifeline, and much, much more.

It's his Last Chance for survival.


2. Goodbyes

I didn't move, even though I could see all the boys around me turning to stare at me. Quinton cleared his throat. "Louis. Come on up here please." A few of the boys pushed me forward and I stumbled up onto the platform. I tried to look brave, but I felt like crying. I didn't want this. I didn't want fame, I didn't want to be killed in an arena, as a toy of the Capitol. Quinton shook my hand, a little perplexed. But then he turned and walked over to the girl's reaping ball. I had no time to even find Eleanor in the crowd when Quinton was back at the podium, and announcing the unlucky winner. "Carrie McCain." I saw a girl, who looked to be around the age of about fourteen step out from the crowd and step up onto the stage. She looked sadly at me, before shaking my hand. "Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour." Quinton said, signing off. A few people applauded, but many just stood there, staring unhappily at us. Knowing we wouldn't come back alive. Knowing we would die in the arena. We were herded into the Justice Building, peacekeepers all around us, boxing us in. On the very first annual Hunger Games, the two unfortunate tributes had tried to make a break for it. I remember when I was ten, seeing the terrified, crazed looks on their faces. They'd been handcuffed. I was shown into the Justice Building, into a room in which I presumed I would see my family and say my goodbyes. Carrie was taken away to another room. This room had velvet cushions on the sofa, all the furniture in this room was fancy, so fancy, I didn't dare touch it in case I dirtied it. My mother, Mark and Charlotte were the first to enter. Charlotte ran to me, her face teary and red, and I nearly broke down myself. But I didn't. I didn't want to be seen as a weakling. I just picked her up in my arms and hugged her tight as she sobbed. My mother and I embraced, and even though I resolved not to, I felt the tears stream down my face. "Try. Louis, promise me you'll try to win." She begged. I nodded, unable to form the words in my mouth, but my mother understood. Mark handed me something. "Your allowed a token in the arena. Something to remind you of home. I thought you might want this." He handed me a small piece of wood. On the wood there was a cow carved skillfully into it. I felt the tears fall more heavily. "Thank you." I managed, choking on the words. A peacekeeper came and said it was time for my family to leave. Charlotte started screaming. "Look after them! Look after them, Mark!" I called. I saw him nod, and the doors closed behind my family.

Eleanor was next. She came in and we just stood there, hugging. "I'm sorry." She muttered. "I really am." 

I sniffed, unable to respond. Eleanor reached into her pocket and withdrew a small beaded bracelet. "I was going to give it to you, after the reaping." Tears were falling freely from both our faces, "I want you to have it now." She put it on my left wrist, and the small green, blue and brown beads glistened. "Mark gave me this." I said, showing her the carved cow. "But I want you to have it. It's better for me to have this bracelet in the arena." I felt lousy, but I gave her the carved cow. I saw her smile. "Louis. You have to win. If not for your family, but for me. Win for me."

A peacekeeper came and she left. 


Quinton came and transported Carrie and I to the train-station. Carrie's eyes were not blotchy and red from crying, in fact, she looked confident. But I bet she felt the same as I looked. The cameras at the train-station were glued to my face, obviously because of the redness of it. Now the whole of Panem would view me as a weakling. No. The odds were not in my favour today.

Why can't I be like Carrie? Why can't I be brave, and strong?

The moment we got onto the train, the doors slammed shut, we were shown to our sleeping quarters. It was awesome, but really, I'd rather be with Eleanor, than here. 

Actually I'd rather be far away from anyone.

My dwelling was abruptly ended when Quinton came into my room and announced that dinner was 'served.' I followed him out of my sleeping area, through several other dull-looking carriages and into the dining carriage. My mouth fell open. The carriage alone, was grander than the room I had been in at the Justice Building. The food, though. All these petite, little cakes sitting on glass plate-structures, all around the room. But in the centre of the room, was a massive oak table loaded with pastries, meats and vegetables. It was so full it seemed if someone happened to place one more cornish pasty onto the table, the whole thing would collapse. 

Carrie was already there, and being from one of the poorest families in our district, shoveling food into her mouth as if she thought someone would steal from her. No table manners. She was stuffing handfuls of pastry/meat/carrots into her mouth, endless. 

I turned my attention away from her, slightly disgusted. Sitting myself at the table, I suddenly realized how hungry I was. But I didn't want to go crazy. I put one pasty onto my plate, and a leg of some bird which I found out later to be a 'grouse'. I piled some vegetables and started to eat, slowly and carefully, even though I really wanted to shovel the food into my mouth and lick the plate clean afterwards. 

After I had stuffed myself full of the glorious food, a man in red, stepped forward and set even more food on the table. Deserts. Not Carrie could manage another bite, but I saw her hurriedly placing a few tarts into her napkin and placing it in her dress pocket. See, even though we were headed to the Capitol, we still did what we did back home. I would have certainly done that, but to be honest, I was almost too full to move.


We had a small meeting with Quinton, after the meal.


"We will be arriving at the Capitol in about a day." Quinton started as if this was supposed to cheer us up. "And, on the whole mentor thing..." He paused as if unsure of how to continue. “Since your district has not, um, had any victors yet, you have the immediate disadvantage.” He said, stating the obvious. “But, along with all the other districts, besides one, two and four, you will all be receiving a special mentor, right from the Capitol.” Great. We’d be trained by the people who were organizing our deaths. Perfect. They’d be organizing the way we die now, too. 

He dismissed us, claiming he was tired and wanted to sleep. I bet he was actually making contact with the Capitol. Making sure that we have the most rubbish mentor ever.

But, like Quinton, I really wanted to sleep. But I was forced into a shower by another Capitol person, in red. The only cool thing there, was the shower settings. Hot, running water. No boiling necessary. About a hundred different massages and soaps.

I spent something like an hour in there, and when I got back to my bed-carriage, my clothes which I had thrown on the floor had been removed and a new, clean, attire was set on my bed. They'd taken away one of my last connections with my district. My family. But I still had my bracelet. That they would not take away from me. A last gift from the one I loved the most. It would be my motivation in the arena. That was the last thought I had, as sleep washed over me.

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