Last Chance (Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction)

Louis Tomlinson is a normal fifteen year old boy- well, if normal meant living in the largest human settlement for hundreds of years. The great and powerful Panem.

It's time for The Fifth Annual Hunger Games, the main entertainment the people in the Capitol always look forward to.

Unfortunately it's Louis who's name has been drawn. Not only is he forced to leave behind his family, and his friends, Louis is forced to leave behind his girlfriend, Eleanor, to take part in a bloodthirsty fight to the death between him and twenty-three other tributes.

He says to Eleanor before he leaves, that he will try to win. For her. But things get more difficult when his love for Eleanor and his faith becomes his lifeline, and much, much more.

It's his Last Chance for survival.


5. Gamemakers Assessments

We all train for another day or two, Quinton has made me train alone after what happened with me and that boy from district one. The sad thing is that Quinton always drills me so hard, pushing me to the point at which I might implode. I know that he's trying to help me, but somehow I can't help thinking that all of this- the excessive training, the manners that I'm being forced to use (a clean, clipped voice that those of the Capitol use- which is downright embarrassing, and a stiff, formal demeanor, that makes me look almost like a plank of carved wood) is ridiculous.

Quinton's favourite weapon of choice to train me with is the spear.. Which I am terrible at. I prefer the dart gun. Actually no. I prefer knives, but every time I try to use them Quinton exclaims "No. You can use that in the Gamemaker's assessment. I'm drilling you with all the weapons that you are not quite so good at or have had no practise with. You might not get hold of a sheath of knives- who knows there even is one? So sure after this you can practise with the knives, and this evening, be ready to face the Gamemakers."

Either Quinton is trying to get me so sore and bruised that I don't get a great score, or he's trying to work me to the ground.

I hate both outcomes.

Quinton continues to work me with the spear- jabbing it at my chest- causing small cuts. I glare at him.

"The only way you'll learn is if you experience pain, so you learn from your mistakes."

Out of anger, I manage to take him by surprise and disarm him, grinning.

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