The Girl Next Door

Beka was just a normal girl who had to move to England for her father's military career. Little did she know that her new next door neighbor is one of her idols. Read more to find out what happens with these two people and how moving to England can be the best thing ever.


24. Chapter 23 Missing You

*Harry’s POV*

I was missing Rebekah like crazy. She was coming to visit us on the third month of tour, so it wasn’t like it was gonna be that long, but still. I didn’t like not being able to hold her, or kiss her whenever I wanted. I knew the boys were feeling the same way about their girlfriends, so we were all in the same boat. Ugh, I felt horrible. I wanted her with me. I wish Simon didn’t have to be so stubborn. The boys and I wouldn’t be so miserable right now. If he thought that the girls being on tour with us was going to be a huge distraction, he should see us now, without them here. We were all in this sort of funk. I knew we would be able to hide it and we love to be on tour, seeing all of the fans, performing. But I also knew that when we went back to our hotels and tour bus, we would all go back into our funk. We would have our laughs, and good times, but again, the ‘funk’ would still be there. I pulled out my phone when we got into the car; after being mobbed by fans; and texted Beka.

To: Beka

‘Hey, babe; just got into the car, already missing you so much :(. Well, two more months before we get to see each other… in person, I mean.’

I got a text back a few seconds later:

From: Beka

‘Missing you too, babe, I’ll be counting down the days ‘till I get to come see you! Love you! <3’

To: Beka

‘Love you too! <3’

We pulled up to the hotel a few minutes later, fans swarming around the car, and in front of the hotel. Paul and the other guards escorted us inside and up to our rooms, saying hi to a few fans, taking some pictures, and signing some things along the way. Since our show wasn’t until tomorrow, and it was late I texted Beka goodnight, telling her I loved her. She texted back, saying goodnight, and that she loved me too. Then I fell back onto the bed, pulling the covers up over my shoulders and cuddling a pillow, trying to feel like I was holding her. “Goodnight, love.” I whispered, falling into a restless sleep.

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