The Girl Next Door

Beka was just a normal girl who had to move to England for her father's military career. Little did she know that her new next door neighbor is one of her idols. Read more to find out what happens with these two people and how moving to England can be the best thing ever.


14. Chapter 13 Asking

The next morning I woke up curled up next to Harry with my head on his shoulder. I looked around and saw that Louis had his head on Harry’s other shoulder, and Niall and Lisa, Zayn and Sara, and Liam and Dustie were all in the same position as Harry and I. They were all so cute, I need to tell Louis he can bring Eleanor over. I got up, making sure, not to wake anyone up and went to the kitchen. There was a note on the fridge. Rebekah, went to work at the vet, forgot to tell you I got the job, but with everything that’s been going on, I couldn’t find the time. Anyway, the house is all yours; don’t have any wild parties or anything, ok? Well, love you sweetie, see you at 8. -Mom I put the note on the table and began to get out the ingredients to make chocolate chip pancakes. I was mixing the batter when I felt a pair of strong arms snake around my waist. I smiled. “Hey, love.” He kissed my cheek.


“What are you making?”

“Chocolate ship pancakes.”

“Sounds good, can I help?”

“If you want, sure.” He came beside me and started to put batter onto the skillet. After he poured the batter, I would go behind him and sprinkle chocolate chips on them.

“I smell food.” Niall said as he came into the kitchen, everyone else following close behind.

“And your nose was right. We’re having chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.” I said, poking his nose, causing him to scrunch it up.

“Oh yay! Chocolate chip pancakes!” Dustie shouted.

“Why are you so excited?” Zayn asked.

“Because Rebekah always makes the best chocolate chip pancakes ever!”

“It’s true, they’re really good.” Sara said.

“Where’s your mum?” Liam asked.

“Oh, she went to work.” I said.

“Where does she work?” Louis asked.

“The vet.” I said.

“Oh, she got the job? That’s great!” Harry said, flipping the pancakes.

“Ya, it is.” I said. After about twenty minutes, all the pancakes were done and the table was set. I set the plate of pancakes on the table.

“Everyone can have two.” I said looking at Niall.

“What?” Niall asked.

“Nothing, nothing.” I said. Everyone laughed.

“Alright dig in.” 2 weeks later The boys had been coming over pretty much every day, and Lisa has pretty much just been staying at my house; only leaving to get clothes from her house. The girls and I had become close with her, and so have the boys, especially Niall. I also noticed that Sara and Zayn, and Liam and Dustie were particularly close as well.

*Dustie’s POV*

“Hey Dustie, could I talk to you?” Liam asked coming into my room, and sitting on the bed.

“Sure, what’s up?” I asked.

“Well, it’s just I, I-”

“Ya…” I said, encouraging him to go on.

“IreallylikeyouandIwantyoutogoonadatewithme.” He said it so fast I couldn’t understand it.


“I really like you and I would love it if you went on a date with me.”

“Oh, of course I’ll go on a date with you!”


“Did you want me to say no?”

“No! No! This is great!”

“Okay, when are we having this date?”

“This Saturday, I’ll pick you up at five.”

“Sounds great.”

*Lisa’s POV*

“I need to ask you something.” Niall said as we got back into the car. We had just finished getting some of my things from my house, since I was always staying with Rebekah.

“Okay, go ahead.” I said.

“Well, it’s just that I really like you.”

“I like you too, but that’s not really a question.” I laughed.

“I was wondering… would you go on a date with me?”

“I’d love to.”



“This Saturday, I’ll pick you up at four.”


“I’m really glad you said yes.”

“Me too.” We drove back to Rebekah’s house talking about random stuff and pretty much laughing the whole way.

Sara’s POV*

“Hey, Sara.” Zayn said, coming outside, and sitting on the chair next to me.

“Hey Zayn.” I said.

“So I was thinking… I like you a lot and would be really happy if you agreed to go on a date with me.”

“Sure I’d love to. When?”

“This Saturday I’ll pick you up at six.”


“Oh, and Sara?”


“I’m really happy you said yes.”

“Me too. Now where are we gonna go?”

“That, love, is for me to know, and you not to find out.” We laughed and started talking about random things.

*Beka’s POV*

Harry, Louis, and I were just sitting on the couch watching TV when Sara, Lisa, and Dustie all came up to me and pulled me off the couch. “Okay.” I said as they dragged me up the stairs to my room. “What was that about? I was very comfortable on the couch.” I whined.

“First of all, you weren’t even on the couch, you were sitting in Harry’s lap. And second of all, we need to tell you something.” Sara said.

“Shut up! And what do you need to tell me?”

“Liam asked me out, Niall asked Lisa out, and Zayn asked Sara out.” Dustie said, smiling like an idiot.

“Are you serious? That’s amazing, why am I just now hearing about this?” I asked.

“Well, we texted each other, and you, but apparently you didn’t have your phone; or you were too busy with Harry to know that.” Lisa said.

“Shut up! And I wasn’t too busy with Harry, I didn’t have my phone.” I whined.

“Mhm.” They all said.

“Shut up!” I heard my phone buzz. I went over and saw a text from my mom.

From: Mom :) ‘On my way home, picking up Chinese, what do y’all want?’ I texted her back what everyone wanted after going back downstairs with the girls.

“Oh, Lou.” I said.

“Ya?” He said tearing his eyes away from the TV.

“If you want, Eleanor can hang out with us tomorrow, I’d love to meet her.”

“OH YEAH!” He yelled, fist bumping the air. We all laughed and got comfortable, waiting for my mom to bring back the food.

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