dont leave me

imagine one day your sitting in a ally hiding when suddenly you hit something and it makes a masive noise and 5 famous boys hear it and investigate will there be love or will there be heart break?


1. the ally


beths pov

i have to leave this place seriously i need to get out, it wasnt my fault carrie died 10years ago im only 16. oh by the way im beth nice to meet you just saying one thing i love one direction and little mix i think they are amazing they help me get through the day. in case your wondering im talking about my parent i come home every night to get punished for something i didnt do i have a massive mark on my neck and im fed up of people asking me how i got it. i cant wear short tops because i have scars on my stomach and back and when im in pe its worst cause sometimes people see them. but im going to run i dont know where but i am im going to run right now i'll hide in a ally or something so long as i get away from here im all alone no one is my friend no one actually loves me..

(2 hours later)okay im in an ally...SUGAR.. why did i hit that bin!!! oh no someone's coming oh god there's 5 of them whatdo i do?!?

louis pov

me and the lads were walking after a great night when we heard a massive crash of a bin from a ally so we decided to investigate. when we got half way down the ally we heard a sounded like sobbing? when we looked round by the bin there was a young girl who looked about 16 ish, crying her eyes out so we all automatically crouched down so she wouldnt be scared of us, although she wimpered and presses against the wall as far as she could we i noticed scars on her arm she obviosly self harmed but i also noticed scars all over her she'd been abused. then liam decided to speak, 'hey are you okay?' she cryed harder and shook her head. 'dont be scared were not gonna hurt you' i said, she looked at me as if trying to figure out who i am ' i recognise you all' she whispered it was very quite but still just enough so we could hear her ' your one direction right?' we all nodded and she gave a half smile ' i like your music you and little mix are my two favorite bands'  'aww thats cute' niall said yet agaion she gave a half smile 'normally id be screaming right now...' she whispered again 'why?' liam asked 'cause your one direction' but i noticed she was still pressing against the wall as far as she could go. she obviosly was running from someone and obviosly didnt trust anyone 'hey were not gonna hurt you ya know' zayn said. 'but can i ask you something?' she nodded her head 'actually two things first one is why is such a young girl like you hiding in a ally and second where did you get the scar on your neck?' her eyes widend at the questions. 'the reason im down here firstly im 16 secondly im running from my parents' yet again she whispered the last part as if hoping we wouldnt hear. 'can i ask why are you runnimg from your parents?' harry asked she pointed to the scar on her neck and his eyes widended. 'oh' was all he could say none of us new what to say. untill liam re-broke the ice 'tell you what why dont you come with us we wont hurt you and we'll looke after you and wont let them hurt you.'  'um okay i dont wanna be any trouble' 'honestly if it was trouble would i suggest it?' ' i dont know' 'come on' and we helped her up and took us back to ours for her to start a new life.


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