dont leave me

imagine one day your sitting in a ally hiding when suddenly you hit something and it makes a masive noise and 5 famous boys hear it and investigate will there be love or will there be heart break?


8. saying goodbye to mum and dad...


beths pov


i cant belive i did that i think i really hurt the guys jeez lets just hope i never do that again.. at least they know i didnt mean it so....

the next day we all were about to go to a theme park when there was a knock at the door maybe it was perrie even though she said she can't come... when niall opened the door it was my mum and dad and they had blood all over their body they'de been shot or stabbed i screamed and ran to them i dragged them in. 'beth...... we are so sorry for what we did i'm sorry for hitting you it wasn't your fault carrie died i just wanted to take it out on someone and you was that person pease forgive me'

' hurt me BAD and i can't bring myself to trust you but i can forgive you just please be alright' i cried 'you can't both leave me like this.'

'i'm sorry i never stopped him beth.' mum said then they both closed their eyes



louis pov

'NOOOOO!!!' beth screamed more this is horrible we'd been trying to calm her down for 2 hours but still she won't

'BETH PLEASE???!!!!????' liam cried 'stop it please'

then suddenly she just stopped, looked at us all and then broke down and ran to our room.


 'we should just leave her.' liam said we all nodded and just sat there not knowing what to do. then zayn said ' maybe you should go check on her louis... i think if she's gonna wanna see any of us and not bite our heads off it would be you' i nodded and got up but i didnt have to cause beth came down with red eyes and a stained face 'beth i-'

'dont please i just wanna forget that happened obviosly not the parents dying but the bit where it was infront of us. please just dont mention it at all please'

we all nodded. 'thanks' she smilled but you could see the pain in her eyes we all just sat and watched tv and half way through beth fell asleep so i carried her upstairs and went back down to watch tv with the lads.

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