dont leave me

imagine one day your sitting in a ally hiding when suddenly you hit something and it makes a masive noise and 5 famous boys hear it and investigate will there be love or will there be heart break?


2. nightmares

 louis pov


when we got her back all she wanted to do was sleep so we shown her to her room it was only 8 so we decided to watch a film. half way through the film we heard a shouting but we thought it was just someone outside when suddenly we heard a ful on screaming form upstairs  where beth was when we went there all we could see was beh thrashing about and screaming like she was trying to get away from something 'hey, hey beth, wake up!' she woke up gasping short of breath and just looked at us with sad eyes 'are you alright?' she nodded 'did you have a nightmare?' another nod i could tell she wasnt going to tell us what it was so we just left her there to go back to sleep.

(one week later )

nialls pov

it had been a week since we met beth, after a couple of days she had got used to us and we found out she was completely crazy but hillarious her and louis together a very bad combo, but louis needed someone to take his mind off elenor since they'd broke up months ago and he still hadnt got ove her untill now, i am going to get harry to help me get them together i can already tell he likes her by the way he looks at her when she's having a ightmare he's the one who always wakes up she still hasnt told us what they are about. im really worried about it. but as soon as i can im talking to louis about her. ohh she's coming 'hey guyyysssss' 'hey' we all said 'guys can i tell you something?' 'yeah sure' louis said 'okay im gonna tell you about my nightmares and im going to tell you why i ran away....' oh god this is gonna be horrible 'right.... here goes.....

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