dont leave me

imagine one day your sitting in a ally hiding when suddenly you hit something and it makes a masive noise and 5 famous boys hear it and investigate will there be love or will there be heart break?


6. late night with louis....;)

beths pov


after he'd made that promise i knew he'd always be there for me he was so sweet and kind and i honestly had fell for him hard. after we'd done the promises he asked whether i wanted to watch a movie i did and he let me choose what i wanted to watch which ended up as p.s. i love you. i love that film honestly think its the best half way through the film i got tired so put my head on his chest and he put his arm round me i was so comfy it felt right then before i knew it i had fell asleep and was getting carried by louis i woke up and he just looked at me and went 'go back to sleep hun' 

'i cant now so no.'

'you are so stubbourne' i gave him a massive grin then he laid me down on the bed and laid beside me. we sat for hours just talking when suddenly he stopped and just stared at me 'louis you alright?'

'yeah im good, sorry, its just do u realise how beautiful you are?'

'haha yeah im not. but thanks'

'you are, i will tickle you.'

'wow good insult' yeah anyway its...... 12 oclock!' jeez doesnt time fly haha right im going sleep night.' i closed my eyes before he could protest and he just kissed my head and said night beauitiful'

and i went to sleep curled up in a circle in his arms.

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