dont leave me

imagine one day your sitting in a ally hiding when suddenly you hit something and it makes a masive noise and 5 famous boys hear it and investigate will there be love or will there be heart break?


7. interview, appologies and hate..

beths pov

i'd been with the lads for 2 months now i can honestly say they are the best they're funny and louis is hot, but i can say that cause he's my boyfriend. we hadnt told anyone yet so it was a suprise when they went to an interview and she knew who i was. 'so guys we've seen pictures of a girl leaving your house every now and then its the same girl each time who is it?'

the boys all looked at each other confused then liam said 'yeah she's a friend of ours' the interviewer grined 'so do any of you like her?'

louis looked at me and i nodded my head he raised his hand and said 'yeah i love her considering she's my girlfriend' 

'ohhhh sorry ladies louis is no longer single, so onto liam and danielle'

(an hour later)

'thank you to the amazing ONE DIRECTION!' they walked off stage and louis came and hugged me. then we walked to the car as we were walking to the car a load of fans came up to us 'beth why dont you go to the car we'll be there in a min' louis said so i walked to the car. as i walked to the car a fan came up to me and said 'can i have a picture'

'sure' i said but when we were close enough to whisper she said 'if you dont break up with louis i will come and find you and make you so ugly louis wont love you' and with that she walked off.


 i went into the car shaking cause what she had said reminded me of my dad before he used to hurt me i started shaking really violently and couldn't breathe.


 when the lads came i could breathe better but was still shaking and when louis tried to touch my shoulder i dont know why but i flinched, curled in a ball and sat as far away as all the boys as i could 'beth? are you alright? i could hear the hurt in all the boys voice but i oculdnt talk when suddenly it all got too much and i fainted.

louis pov

i didnt know what to do she firstly flinched when i touched her then she fainted. i'm seriously worried it's been an hour and she still won't wake up. i started getting really worried.

'louis, dont worry she'll be alright we'll wait a bit and if she doesnt wake up then we'll take her to the hospital okay?' liam asked. i just nodded i couldn't speak.

suddenly she woke up i went to go to her side but liam put his arm out to stop me and just mouther give her a bit of space for a minuet.

'w-w-w-what  happened?' she asked and looked at us with really scared 'oh doesnt matter i remember now god that was the worst thing in my life...'

'can i ask what happened to mke you like that?' harry asked

'oh yeah well that 'fan' that asked for a picture threatened me and then what she said reminded me of what my dad used to say to me everytime he was about to hit me and i kinda had a panick attack btw sorry for flinching i dont know why i did it. it just creeped me out what the girl said' she said then she shuddered

'what did she say?' zayn asked

'i'm not gonna do what she said no matter what she does to me but she said i have to breakupwithlouis.

what? we didnt hear that part'

she sighed 'i said she told me i had t break up with louis which in no way in my whole life would i do unless he did something cheat on me which he better not do because i swear i will turn into my dad which is a scary thought really but i can get angry like him and i dont wanna turn into him that would be scary but if any of you cheat on your girlfriends i swear i will-'

'BETH!!! jeez what a rant!!! breathe louis wont cheat on you we would all kill him if he did and we wont cheat on our girlfriends.' zayn said quickly

'thank god'

we then decided to watch a film and beth got over exited because she wanted to watch st trinians and wouldnt talk to any of us untill we watched it. seriously i dont think she ever wants to grow up.




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