dont leave me

imagine one day your sitting in a ally hiding when suddenly you hit something and it makes a masive noise and 5 famous boys hear it and investigate will there be love or will there be heart break?


4. dont leave me...

louis pov


'when i was 2 my parents had another baby they called her carrie she was very little and got ill quickly, one day when she was 2 she got lukimea we all new at some point of the day she would die, when she first got it we did everything to help her get through it but it was no use we tried for 2 years to help her but none of it mattered when she was 4 the doctors told us she only had a few months to live so we spent the whole 2 months trying to do everything for her then one night we were in bed cause i looked after her when she had to go bed so she wouldn't be scared, but one night she was very quiet for an hour so i thought she'd gone sleep but she went 'beth will you do me a favour' so of course i said yes 'will you promise me something? that you'll never forget me and that you'll keep this with you as long as you can no matter if it breaks unless someone takes it keep it please' and it was her favorite teddy. that night she died i wa supset but i'd also promised her i would stay as strong as i could so i didnt cry as much i have a little diary i write in when i think of her its as if i was talking to her i used to do video diaries but dad crushed them. a week after she died i came home from school and dad was angry i dont have a clue what it was about but he'd promised never to get angry unless i was really bad and he promised never to hurt me that night that went out the window but anyway he started hitting me from then. everynight. but the only 2 things i can hang on to are my teddy and my diary. the reason i'm telling you this is so you know what ive been through thats why i was so scared of you thats why i ran away but also one reason i ran away was because he was close to ripping the diary because aswell as feeling like im talking to her i also have pictures of her and memories and they are the only things i have left of her and i had to sew the teddy because he ripped it which broke my heart, my nightmares, i'll tell you exactly what happenes okay?..... right... in my nightmare im sitting with you 5 and suddenly carrie walks in the room and looks at me with sad eyes then she says 'run' when suddenly dad comes running through the door he charges at me but you all stand up and try to fight him but then he gets a knife out and when you go to hit him he stabs you and then carrie starts screaming and the reason i scream is because he gets the knife and stabs carrie and she dies which is why i scream then just as he's running at me i wake up everytime and thats my life and why i have nightmares thats the new nightmare since last week but i dont want that to ever happen to you. so there we go my life and nightmares.'

we all stared at her shocked i didnt realise it but i had tears streaming down my face i looked and all the lads looked at her the same when suddenly zayn and harry both stood up gave her a massive hug and walked out of the room i just looked at her then liam gave her a massive hug then niall then bth of them left 'beth..... i dotn know what to say'

'just dont say anything, can i tell you something?'

'yeah sure'

'i like you louis i like you alot and if you dont feel the same thats fine but thats how i feel you've been there for me and the rest of the lads but you mostly and i am gratefull but i really like you and-' i cut her off by kissing her. she sat there stunned for a couple of seconds then kissed back

'i like you back will you be my girlfriend?'

'of course' i gave her another kiss then hugged her.

'just promise me something?' she said

'of course'

'dont leave me.'

'i promise i'll get a promise ring tomorrow so i can promise it properly'.



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