picture competition entry


1. 1

"Are you sure about this, Cass?"  The helium-filled balloons tugged skyward and I was afraid I might lose hold of them.  My palm was getting sweaty.


"Yes, I'm sure," she said, rolling her eyes at me over her shoulder.  "Central Park, three o'clock, ten pink balloons and bring your younger brother. That's what they said and that's what we are doing."


Was that disdain in her voice? Or was it impatience? I can never tell with Cassie.  Anyway, it didn't matter.  Nothing mattered anymore, really.  Ten pink balloons and one healthy, young human male.  A small enough price to pay to spare humanity from an interstellar conflagration they would never know about.


"They're here, little brother."  That was definitely fear in her voice this time.  The air began to tremble and the ground began to hum.  I held tightly to those ten pink balloons.

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