Ellie Workman is best friends with Liam until Liam leaves to go on tour she is so upset she just can't take it but when Liam comes back she's just another nobody to Liam but he's everything to her and she can't take it she just can't let him forget her


2. A job and a friend

When I walked up the sun was blinding my eyes and my eyes were soar so were my legs from running blocks and blocks I had that job that the least important person had booked I still don't know why he bothered tears welled up in me eyes again my mum was in America and my life was crumbled up but I wasn't giving up I pulled my self up and walked down the street I found a bathroom in the local shopping mall "Tesco" that is what it was called I wiped my mascara stains with a tissue and washed my face under the tap I tied my hair in a bun and walked into "beauty is better" to try the free samples or testers I grabbed the foundation and dabbed it on in the mirror "can I help you" the women said smiling "me no" I said pulled a face to make it look like I wasn't liking the foundation but really it totally matched my skin I walked away grabbing the blush in the next aisle and putting it on then making a weird face again I walked out I looked like I had being getting ready at home forever  I walked out into the car park and 5 blocks later reached Hollister a brunette stood there "hello" I said she was tapping her phone impatiently "what do you want ?" asked the brunette she smiled "sorry my names el I'm the boss of Hollister how can I help you" she smiled at me "I'm here for the job" I smiled Liam Payne asked me to come I frowned sharing his name didn't make me smile anymore "oh yes okay well it's locked and my manger is coming soon to get the keys but for now we could get a smoothie" she flipped her hair madly and smiled "okay" I smiled back surprised she so nice we began to walk down the street "clank clank clank" El's high heels clicked the floor as we past a music called BestBeats I started to hum softly "wow your good" I smiled as we reached Shake and Take we took a table shaped as a orange circle I smiled and ordered two berry blasts with extra juice "okay well I need a favour ?"  I questioned she looked at me gently "well?" after I had talked about what I had experienced in the last 24 hours I started to have a melt down telling her "come live with me and Louis" she asked smiling and looking deeply sorry too I couldn't help but cry I smiled and got up "lets go to work it's really being nice to do this" el nodded and we walked out I wiped my face suddenly I saw a sight of sorrow there she was Jessica Hagen the new Liam girl I felt so angry I walked up to her you have no right to date Liam I yelled he was mine bitch and you will pay she shot me a look and then smiled "cute fan" she said in a bad fake accent I am not a fan bye bye bitch I yelled smiling el looked impressed "what?" I asked someone had to say something to her I smiled and walked off not taking a look back 

after work 

"that was a day' I laughed "lets go home" el laughed pulling me in she took me down the corridor and out of the building sshe huffed and puffed she was out of breath

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