The Beginning of The End

A group of friends in their last year of high school go through a tragic event. What happens?


3. Chapter two Assignments, Gym class, and Baby Ducks

“OMG! Ow! Stop it!” Santana squeals jumping up and turning toward a very bored Brittany.

“But gym is so boring.” Brittany whines, throwing the blue tennis ball and hitting Mr. Kyle in the back of his head.

“Ooops.” Brittany says putting Santana in front of her.

“Really B?” Santana asks looking back at her best friend.

“Mr. Kyle scares me.” The tall blonde dancer replies.

“How he is really nice.” Santana says moving away from Brittany.

“That’s why he scares me.” Brittany mumbles as Mr. Kyle starts walking toward her and Santana.

“Hey girls! Why aren’t you doing the work-outs?” Mr. Kyle asks as he walks up to them.

“Because we already do that at cheer practice.” Santana says in a duh voice.

“Ms. Jones your cheer coach said you have to start participating in my gym class now.” He replies in an annoyingly cheerful smile.

“Whateva.” Santana says with a scowl.

After gym class the group is sitting at their lunch table in the canteen.

“I don’t get it.” Brittany says looking at her book.

“We have to read the whole book in two weeks and then write a report.” Santana replies.

“But why are we reading Sword at Sunset?

Brittany says with a confused smile.

“I don’t know B. All I know is there or thirty- seven chapters and four hundred and ninety-five pages.” Santana replies.

“So we all read the book together.” Samantha suggests.

“That’s a good idea.” Lucas says smiling at his girlfriend.

“It really is.” Everyone else agrees.

“I want my girl!” Dale yells pulling Santana to him while everyone laughs.

“Guys I found a baby duck in my bra.” Brittany says holding a black duck.

“Um… Britt, how did the duck get into your bra?” Naya asks looking at the ditzy blonde.

“I don’t know. I think I’ll name her Kayla.” Brittany says with a cheerful smile.

“Britt I don’t think you can keep Kayla.” Naya says.

Brittany’s lower lip starts trembling as tears filled her baby blue eyes.

“Look what you did!” Santana yells, hitting her sister before pulling her best friend into a hug.

“What? All I did is say I don’t think she can keep Kayla.” Naya replies trying not to hit her sister.

“Why couldn’t I keep Kayla?” Brittany asks in a tiny voice.

“Because you can’t keep Kayla in a locker. I meant you should keep her at home.” Naya says standing up and throwing her trash away.

“Where are you going?” Noah asks before his girlfriend can walk away.

“To get a book from my locker.” Naya replies in a cold tone.

“Naya what’s wrong?” Olivia asks looking at her best friend.

“I just don’t like when my twin yells at me.” Naya replies in a quiet voice, before walking out of the room.

“You should go after her Santana.” Noah says glaring at her.

Getting up Santana replies.

“I already am.”

And with that Santana runs out of the room after Naya.

”Naya!” Santana shouts running after her twin.

“Leave me alone!” Naya yells back running into the auditorium. Santana runs in right before the door shuts.

“Naya I’m sorry.” Santana says wrapping her arms around Naya.

“What happened to us against the world?” Naya asks looking at Santana.

“It will always be us against the world!” Santana mumbles tightening her arms around Naya.

“After Mom, Dad , and Aljandro died in that car accident when we were six you made a promise to me.” Naya says remembering their older brother is hard on her. Aljandro was like a best friend to her and Santana.

“I know Naya-Bear I’m sorry it’s just that I worry about Britt more than anything besides you.” Santana replies.

“But you were so angry and you hit me.” Naya says in a small voice.

“I’m sorry angel. I was just being protective of B.” Santana replies kissing Naya’s head.

“I get that but what about me? I’m your sister.” Naya replies in a quiet voice.

“I will always protect you.” Santana mumbles pulling away from Naya.

“We should head back to lunch.” Santana says after a bit.

Santana and Naya start walking back to the lunch room before stopping and looking at a picture of Aljandro when he was in tenth grade. He was wearing his football uniform with a number one and his last name on it. Aljandro was the reams star quarterback before he died.

“I miss him San.” Naya says in such a quiet voice that Santana almost doesn’t hear her.

“I know you do. I miss Dro also.” Santana answers grabbing Naya’s hand.

“Hey! There you two are.” Brittany squeals running to them with the rest of the group following her.

“Hey, B.” Santana replies with a genuine smile that is rarely seen since Aljandro died.

“So, Naya can I keep Kayla?” Brittany asks with a shy smile.

“Of course you can Britt.” Naya answers.

Her answer is a squeal of joy and Brittany lifting her off the ground into a tight hug.

“Thank you!” Brittany says with a cheerful smile.

“Britt, you never told us how the duck got into your bra.” Olivia says looking at the tall blonde dancer.

“Oh, I think I put her in my bra when I went to the duck pond this morning.” Brittany replies causing everyone to laugh.



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