The Beginning of The End

A group of friends in their last year of high school go through a tragic event. What happens?


13. Chapter twelve Captured

Mrs. Drake had never seen so much blood coming from an eighteen year old. She was trying to keep Santana awake when another gunshot goes off. Flinching she looks at Santana.

“Dear tell me about Alejandro.” Mrs. Drake says.

“Dro was the best older brother you could ask for. When I would have nightmares he would be there for me and sometimes hold me until I fell back to sleep. He never let anything bad happen to me. Dro one time made a teacher sad because she had made me cry. He taught me to enjoy the simple things that life gives you. I’m going to die aren’t I?” Santana asks letting tears fall.

“No honey I won’t let that happen.” Mrs. Drake replies.

“Why did I get shot?” Santana asks in a quiet voice.

“I don’t know why anyone would want to shoot an angel like you.” Mrs. Drake says running her fingers through her graying hair.

“But it seems like god has it out for me.” Santana says.

“Honey don’t worry about that.” Mrs. Drake replies.

“Do you know if my sister is okay.” Santana asks.

“I talked to Mr. Famaniel she is perfectly fine honey.” Mrs. Drake says calmly.

They both look out the window when they hear a noise to see a police officer. Mrs. Drake quickly opens the window.

“How bad is she?” Officer Samuel Patrol asks.

“She is bleeding severely from the gunshot to her stomach. There are others. One is a teacher. His classroom is on the west side of the school it’s the third window on this floor but on the west coming from the left.” Mrs. Drake says.

“Thank you m’am I am just going to crawl through you window so we can get her to the hospital.” Officer Samuel says while signaling two paramedics to the window.

“Okay.”Mrs. Drake replies backing up so that Officer Samuel can get in.

“Mrs. Drake?” Santana asks her vision getting blurry.

“Honey, an officer is going to get you to the paramedics so they can take you to the hospital.” Mrs. Drake replies.

“What about Naya?” Santana asks.

“We will get her to safety young lady.” Officer Samuel says.

“Thank you.” Santana says before passing out.

Officer Samuel picks her up gently and hands her to the two paramedics standing outside the window with a stretcher. Then he turns around and looks at the nurse.

“How far is the office from here?” Officer Samuel asks.

“Just down the hall.” Mrs. Drake replies.

“Okay come on.” Officer Samuel says pulling out is glock and walking out the door with Mrs. Drake behind him.

As soon as they get to the office they see Natalie who had been shot in the leg.

“Ms. What is your name?” Officer Samuel asks.

“Natalie.” Is what he gets in reply.

“Alright. I am going to get everyone out of the office and then I am going to walk you all out of here.” Officer Samuel says.

He walks into the office and get Mr. Famaniel and the principal plus the vice principal out and to Natalie and Mrs. Drake.

“I am going to take you all outside to safety now.” Officer Samuel says picking Natalie up.

Officer Samuel, being true to his words gets all five of them out the door with no problem. Carrying Natalie to an ambulance he sit her down on the stretcher they have out.

“She has been shot in the leg. I am going back in.” Is all he says asking two paramedics to come with him and bring a stretcher before going and searching for Mr. Card’s room.

Officer Samuel walks around knocking on windows and telling students and teachers to climb out. As soon as he reaches Mr. Card’s room he knocks on the window. Samantha having heard the knock on the window opens it just in time because they hear four more gunshots from the floor above them.

“How is the teacher?” Officer Samuel asks.

“He is still bleeding but he is still awake.” Samantha says.

“Okay pass him out here.” Officer Samuel says/

More gunshots are heard as two boys help to pass Mr. Card to the paramedics.

“Quickly everyone needs to climb out the window I will help you.” Officer Samuel says.

After getting everyone out of the room he continues around the bottom floor getting students and teachers out. He has now reached Kaleb, Dale, Noah, Victoria, Hannah, Brittany, Mike, Jake, Nathaniel, and Taylor’s classroom and is working on getting them out.

“All of the girls are going to be sent out first.” Nathaniel says.

All the boys help get the girls and teacher out before climbing out themselves.

“I want all of you to get to the front of the school you will see most of the students and teachers there already.” Officer Samuel says before going to the next classroom.

Naya is sitting by the window and jumps when there is a knock on the window. Turning around she sees a police officer. She quickly opens the window and the officer speaks.

“I am here to get everyone out. So I want you to climb out one at a time and run as fast as you can to the front of the school.” Officer Samuel says as he helps everyone out.

“Thank you.” Naya whispers before running to the front of the school.

After getting everyone out of the first floor he walks in and finds Lucas’s body having been followed by a paramedic with a stretcher plus twelve other cops they get the body out.

Samantha was hugging all of her friends when she noticed two were still missing from the group.

“Where are Lucas and San?” Samantha asks.

“San was shot. I don’t know about Lucas.” Naya says quietly.

“Oh god. Nay I’m so sorry.” Samantha says as everyone hugs Naya.

“It’s fine.” Naya says.

Officer Samuel and twelve other officers and a few paramedics get to the second floor where they see Sven Montgomery pointing his gun at a teacher. Walking as quietly as he can Officer Samuel grabs the gun from Sven and handcuffs him as other officers evacuate the building and paramedics get those who were shot on stretchers.

Samantha looks up when she hears all of the commotion. Seeing her boyfriend on a stretcher she runs to the paramedic.

“How is he?” Samantha asks with tears in her eyes.

“I’m sorry miss he was DOS dead on scene.” A tall black male paramedic says.

Samantha breaks down in tears and all of her friends come up and hug her tightly having heard what the paramedic said.

“As you all know I am Oscar Mchathens. I am standing outside of Southside High School where there are three teachers injured, one teacher dead, five students injured, and eight students dead. Altogether there are eleven dead and six injured. Back to you Jim.” Oscar says.

All of the friends head to the hospital to see Santana and are directed to her room. Santana had just gotten out of surgery and was sleeping but woke when her door opened.

“Hey San.” Naya says quietly.

“Hey Nay. Where’s Luke?” Santana whispers voice hoarse from sleep and pain medicine.

“Honey Luke was shot and died.” Naya says sitting on the edge of Santana’s hospital bed.

Santana let out a sob at hearing her best friend that was like a brother had died. Naya leaned forward and hugged Santana.

“When is the funeral?” Santana asks.

“It’s in three weeks.” Samantha replies.

“I’m so sorry Sammy. It’s my fault.” Santana says.


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