The Beginning of The End

A group of friends in their last year of high school go through a tragic event. What happens?


4. Chapter three Math class and news

Santana is sitting in math class when she gets a text from her coach Mrs. Taylor. The text is telling her to meet up at the gym after math class. Mr. Wright is a cool teacher he doesn’t wear dress clothes like all the other teachers.

Raising her hand and asking to go to the bathroom, Santana texts the group to meet her in the auditorium.

“Hey, San” Brittany and Olivia say at the same time when they get to the auditorium.

“Hey, B, Livia.” Santana says from her spot on the stage.

“You don’t have any party till’ I’m here.” Noah says causing all three girls to roll their eyes.

“So not true Noah,” Brittany says, “The party don’t stop till’ I walk in.”

“Britt’s, what did Noah say now?” Naya asks after walking in and hearing what the tall blonde says.

“He said ‘you ain’t got any party till ’I’m here.’ “Brittany says using air quotes.

“Noah it’s true the party don’t start till’ Britt walks in.” Naya says causing Noah to gasp and look at her with puppy dog eyes.

“Naya!” Noah whines causing everyone who had just arrived plus Santana, Brittany, and Olivia to laugh.

“You sound like a baby.” Mike says while laughing at Noah.

Noah just stands there pouting at being made fun of.

“San, you texted us to meet you here so what’s up?” Samantha asks looking at Santana who is still sitting on the stage.

“Coach Taylor wants me to tell all of the cheerleaders to meet up after class. Also Coach Johnson wants all of the football players on the field after class.” Santana says.

“Okay you could have just texted us that.” Hannah mumbles.

“I also wanted to tell you all that I think that this year something bad will happen.” Santana says in a quiet voice.

“That’s bull!” Dale says a lot louder than he should have.

Santana looks down hurt that her boyfriend would say that what she said was bull.

“You guys San might be right. I got that same feeling today when I walked into school.” Naya says while pulling Santana into a much needed hug.”

“I agree with both of them.” Noah says glaring at Dale also.

“What! How could you believe such craziness?” The quarterback asks looking at Noah.

“Because I got the same feeling both of them did.” Noah growls when he sees tears in Santana’s eyes.

Noah had made a promise to himself to always protect Santana and Naya when their family died.

“Dale, all of us got the same feeling Santana got. Don’t try to tell us you didn’t.” Lucas growls out getting everyone to nod at what he says.

“Well sorry- I didn’t get that feeling.” Dale says in a sarcastic tone.

“Stop being such a jerk.” Naya growls.

Santana keeps looking down as everyone fights blaming herself for starting it.

“Tana?” Brittany whispers sitting on the stage next to Santana.

“What?” Santana asks looking up at her best friend.

“Are you okay?” Brittany asks ignoring everyone else who is looking at them.

“Yeah I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?” Santana lies blinking back tears.

“No you aren’t you’re lying.” Naya says walking up to her sister and pulling her into a tight hug.

“Please, Nay I’m fine.” Santana whispers.

“No you aren’t stop lying.” Noah speaks up from the group.

“I just don’t understand why my own boyfriend is being a jerk to me. Can I just go home?” Santana asks looking at the group.

“Sure. We will ask coach and all of us girls will come with you.” Naya replies standing up and helping Santana off of the stage.

Santana just nods and they head to their coach’s office.

After getting told they can leave all of the girls pack up their stuff and walk to their cars.

“Let me drive San.” Naya tells Santana who just nods and gives her the keys before getting into the car.

Naya starts driving to their house, when Santana turns to look at her.

“Do you think we will ever see mom and dad again?” Santana asks with sad eyes.

“Yes, when we die and go to heaven.” Naya replies wrapping an arm around Santana and pulling her into her side.

“I really miss them Nay.” Santana whispers.

“I know you do angel.” Naya replies as they pull into their driveway.

Where, all of the other girls were waiting for them on their front porch.

“Let’s go up to my room.” Naya says opening the door when everyone nods.

All of the girls walk upstairs to Naya’s room. Sitting down on her bed Naya pulls Santana down with her while the other girls sit on the bean bag chairs around the room.

“So, Britt’s you never told us how you got the duck into your bra.” Hannah brings up. Curious on how her blonde friend got the duck into her bra.

“Oh, I was walking by the pond and saw a black baby duck walking behind these yellow ducks and noticed she didn’t belong there. So then I picked her up and started walking to my car. I guess I put her in my bra after that.” Brittany replies with a glazed over look in her eyes.


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