The Beginning of The End

A group of friends in their last year of high school go through a tragic event. What happens?


14. Chapter thirteen Stages of Grief

Three weeks had gone buy and the group of friends had gone through the fazes of trauma.


Santana, sitting in her room staring at a picture of her and Lucas remembering when they had taken it.

Naya, laying in her room think back to all the fun memories of Lucas.

Samantha, remembers her first date with Lucas.

Olivia, Remembers how her, Santana, and Lucas were the trouble makers.

Hannah, remembers when Lucas saved her from an attack.

Brittany, remembers when Lucas stood up for her in fourth grade.

Taylor, remembers how Lucas got her out of the house when her dad had gotten drunk.

Jake, remembers when him and Lucas first became friends.

Nathaniel, remembers how Lucas kept him out of trouble.

Dale , remembers when him and Lucas first met the group.

Noah, remembers how Lucas saved him from drowning at six years old.

Mike, remembers how Lucas helped him get with Brittany.

Kaleb, remembers how Lucas took him in when his parents died.


The whole group is sitting together in Lucas’ room. When Samantha all of a sudden yells.

This is all your fault!” Samantha yells glaring at Santana.

Don’t blame Santana for his death.” Naya yells.

No Samantha is right. If Santana hadn’t gotten shot Lucas would still be here.” Kaleb says.

I get it. It’s my fault for the shooting. My fault everyone got shot. But it is not my fault he died. It is only my fault he got shot.” Santana yells before leaving the house and running home.

This is all your guys faults!” Noah yells before him, Naya and the rest of the group but Kaleb and Samantha run out after Santana.


Samantha walks to the Jones’ house with Kaleb. Knocking on the door Samantha shrinks back when Naya answers the door and glares at them.

What are you doing here?” Naya growls

We came to apologize.” Samantha replies.

Santana walks down the stairs and hears everyone talking. Seeing Samantha and Kaleb she walks to the door.

Santana we are so sorry we blamed you it was not your fault.” Samantha says once she sees Santana.

Why did you blame me?” Santana whispers.

You were the last person to see him.” Kaleb replies.

San we regret everything we said to you.” Samantha and Kaleb say.


Santana, Throws the picture of her and Lucas at the wall.

Naya, Hits Noah while crying.

Samantha, Throws a glass cup at the wall.

Olivia, Causes fights at home.

Hannah, Breaks her laptop.

Brittany, Rips all of her and Lucas’ songs up.

Taylor, Throws cell phone at mom.

Jake, punches a wall.

Nathaniel, causes a fight with brother.

Dale , Punches his T.V.

Noah, Gets into a fight with Naya.

Mike, Shouts at Lucas’ picture.

Kaleb, Punches a mirror.


The whole group sitting at the funeral, Santana runs out crying.

We burry this young brave man because he died to save a friends life.” The priest says.

The rest of the group runs after Santana to find her laughing/crying.

He died to save me.” Santana says.

He told me he was going to warn the teachers.” Naya says quietly.

Everyone suddenly remembers when Lucas told them he was going to warn the adults and then fell over a rock. They all start laughing, getting strange looks from others.

We should get back to the funeral.” Samantha says suddenly remembering why they were there.

Everyone nods and heads back. Tears start flowing from their eyes as they remember the pain. The pain of losing a friend, brother, and boyfriend.

The group is sitting in Santana and Naya’s living room after the burial for the get together of losing a friend. Looking around the room Santana decides to speak.

“We have to go back to school in three days.” Santana whispers.

“It’s going to be so hard.” Samantha says.

“We will get through it. Lucas will probably have been yelling at us if we tried to skip when he was here.” Kaleb replies.

“It’s going to be so different without him.” Naya says.

“We can do it guys.” Olivia says.

“We can do this.” Everyone says quietly at the same time.




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