The Beginning of The End

A group of friends in their last year of high school go through a tragic event. What happens?


11. Chapter ten attack

Three Months Later..

It was a normal Thursday at Southside High School. All of the students were sitting in their first period class. Well everyone but Sven Montgomery. The whole school is taking a pre-test for finals because there are only eight weeks left before school ends. It was seven-thirty in the morning when Jessica Maine asked to go to the bathroom. Sven was standing between the cafeteria and only two bathrooms when he heard footsteps. Looking up he saw Jessica Maine the girl he has had a crush on since middle school.

“Hey Sven.” She said quietly.

“Jessica, you have to leave the school. Something bad is going to happen. Please go!” He says gently.

Jessica nods and runs out of the school through the cafeteria exit. Sven sighs in relief at letting her run. He only had a few hours before it all goes to hell.

Five hours later.

Santana was sitting in her fourth period Science class taking her midterm when she looked up and noticed the time. It was twelve-thirty, one more hour until they all get a break from midterms. She looked over and smiled at Naya who was glaring at her test.

“Ms. Jones you need to look at your own test.” Mrs. Diego says in a serious voice.

“I am looking at my own test,” Santana replies, “but I am done with it.” She finishes.

“Ms. Jones go to the principal’s office until you can lose that attitude of yours.” Mrs. Diego growls.

“Whatever.” Santana replies and then walks out of the room slamming the door.

As soon as Sven hears the door slam he pulls out his 9mm black pistol. He grins to himself as he walks toward the noise. Sven rounds the corner and spots Santana.

“Jones!” He yells and Santana slowly turns around.

“What do you want Montgomery?” Santana growls out; very annoyed with him.

“Any last words?” He asks lifting up his gun.

“Yeah. You. Don’t. Scare. Me.” She replies with a smirk.

“Goodbye forever Jones.” Sven replies pulling the trigger.

It all happens in slow motion. The bullet hitting Santana in the stomach. Santana falling to the ground unmoving.

“That’s what you get for bullying me Jones.” Sven says spitting on her as he leaves.

As soon as Lucas; who was walking down the hall, hears the gun shot he runs to where it came from. As soon as he turns the corner and sees Santana on the ground he pulls out his phone.

“Santana! Can you hear me?” He asks his best friend.

“Luke?” Santana coughs out.

“Yeah, San I’m here.” Lucas replies.

“Get help.” Is the last thing Santana says before passing out.

“No! San! Wake up!” Lucas yells.

Quickly dialing 911 he tells them what has happened. Next he pick Santana up and quickly runs toward the nurse’s office.

“Mrs. Drake Santana has been shot.” Lucas says as he lays Santana on a cot and then runs out of the room.

Down the hall in Naya’s Science class everyone is freaking out having heard the gun shot. Mrs. Diego quickly locks the class room door and calls the office.

“Hello, Mr. Famaniel speaking.” The offices receptionist says.

“Mr. Famaniel there is a shooter in the school. The school needs put on lockdown. I repeat the school needs put on lockdown.” Mrs. Diego replies frantically.

“On it. Calm down. Lock the doors. No one in no one out. Do you understand Mrs. Diego?” Mr. Famaniel asks.

“Yes sir.” Mrs. Diego replies hanging up the phone.

“Mrs. Diego what’s going on?” Naya asks in a slightly calm slightly scared voice.

“There is a shooter in the school and we are going on lockdown.” Mrs. Diego replies.

“Do you know if anyone has been shot?” Naya asks frantically, remembering her sister having been sent out of the classroom.

“I’m sorry Ms. Jones I don’t know. I only heard the gun shot.” Mrs. Diego replies solemnly.

“We have to find out if anyone has been shot.” Naya says quickly trying to keep the tears from her eyes.

“Nay, calm down.” A blonde cheerleader says.

“Chels, I can’t calm down. My sister could have been shot.” Naya replies breathing heavily.

All of a sudden Naya’s cell phone dings. Running to her bag and pulling out her phone she sees a message to her from Lucas.

Text: San has been shot. I have moved her to the nurses office. I am going to go warn other teachers of the shooter. San said something about Sven Montgomery while I was carrying her to the nurses office before she passed out again.- Luke

“Oh god.” Naya says tears falling from her eyes.

“What is it Nay?” Chelsea asks.

“Santana was shot.” Naya replies quietly.

“Hey, it’s okay. She will be fine.” Chelsea says trying to reassure her cheer captain besides Santana who is co-captain.

“How do you know that?” Naya asks weakly.

“ Ms. Jones do you remember when your sister fell while you guys were cheering on the basketball team and she had a broken ankle?” Mrs. Diego asks.

“Yes.” Naya replies.

“What did she do?” Mrs. Diego asks again.

“She got back up and cheered doing cartwheels and back flips.” Naya says smiling at the memory.

“Yes she did and right now she is probably with the nurse telling her to let her free.” Mrs. Diego says.

“ Yea.” Naya replies grinning.

Meanwhile Lucas is running across the hall near the cafeteria and doesn’t see Sven Montgmery hiding behind the trophy case. Lucas is looking for Samantha’s classroom. All of a sudden Sven walks out from behind the trophy case.

“I am going to make your girlfriend feel how I felt when you guys scared my girlfriend away from me.” Sven says glaring at Lucas.

“Dude come on. You don’t have to do this.” Lucas says in a calm voice.

“See that is where you are wrong. You guys made me do this. You and your stupid popular click.” Sven replies before pulling the trigger.

The bullet hits Lucas in the head killing him instantly. The last thing Lucas thought before it happened was.

I love you Sammy.


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