The Beginning of The End

A group of friends in their last year of high school go through a tragic event. What happens?


8. Chapter seven threats

A month passes after Santana and Naya’s birthday. Santana is doing a lot better since her meltdown. Santana is walking down the hall after second period since its her free period. She stops in her tracks as she spots Sven Montgomery the most unpopular kid in the twelfth grade.

“Hey freak.” she says as she passes him.

“One of these days you’ll pay.” is all he says in reply.

Knots form in Santana’s stomach as she walks quickly to the library to read her new Twilight book. As soon as she gets to the library she notices Brittany staring at a book cover.

“Hey Britt’s what ya looking at?” Santana whispers walking her to her best friend

“I don’t get the cover.” Brittany whispers back looking at the new Breaking Dawn book cover with the characters posing on the front cover

“I think it just stands for what’s to come.” Santana whispers back

Meanwhile halfway across the school Naya is sitting in her history class learning about Ancient Egypt.

Noah leans towards Naya and whispers “I don’t get what she is talking about.”

Naya just looks at him shaking her head and cracking a smile.

“I can’t help you there babe.” She replies to her confused boyfriend.

“But why not?” Noah whines catching the teacher’s attention.

“Mr. Parks do you have something you would like to share with the class?” She says looking at Noah.

“No, Mrs. Triss.” Noah replies with saddening eyes.

“Very well, don’t disrupt my class again.” She replies before going on with her lesson.

Naya has to silence her laugh so the class won’t be interrupted again. Just as Mrs. Triss starts talking about the Kushites invasion on Egypt the bell rings for lunch. Everyone hurried to pack up their belongings before rushing to the canteen for lunch. When Naya and Noah get to their table they notice something is off.

“San, what’s going on?” Mike ask looking at Santana who has her eyes shut.

“Its nothing.” She replies still thinking about what Sven had said earlier.

“San don’t lie to us!” Naya says looking at the young Latina woman.

“Sven said something to me today that’s all.” She replies.

“What did that loser say?” Noah growls out.

“He just said ‘One of these days you’ll pay.’ Then I walked off to the library.” She replies shakily.

“I’m gonna kill him!” Lucas growls.

“Don’t, Lucas please just don’t.” Santana replies.

“Okay I won’t San.” He grumped in reply.

Santana just stares at her food the rest of the lunch period. Naya watches her sister carefully for the signs of long forgotten self harm. She watches her terrified sister in hopes that she will fight from another mental break down. As tears form up in Naya’s face to see her sister so horrifyingly terrified and confused she starts a conversation to easy the sorrow in the air.

“San I need to talk to you after lunch.” Naya tells her sister who just nods and replaces her head back on the pearly white lunch table.

“So, are we all still on for the movies to night? I hear that Zombies all over is supposed to be awesome!” Mike mentions while holding Brittany’s hand.

Brittany nods enthusiastically and nobody ever says no to Brittany so they all nod along.

“Okay the movie starts at eight O’ clock so be ready.” Mike replies before shutting his eyes for a moment and then reopening them.

“Why do you keep doing that?” Brittany ask gazing at her boyfriend.

“That stupid cricket in my room has been keeping me up all night babe.” Mike says softly in reply to Brittany’s confused expression

“Why is the cricket stupid?” Brittany ask after a minute.

“It’s not stupid just really annoying.” Mikes replies with a gentle smile.

“Yo, enough with the cricket.” Noah jokes with a giant smile.

“Guys lunch ends soon.” Naya says before hitting Noah in the back of the head.

Grabbing his head Noah looks at Naya with a puppy dog pout “That hurt babe.”

“Good. San we should start heading to our classes.” Naya says to her saddened twin sister.

“Wait babe what about my goodbye kiss?” Noah asked looking at Naya with his not so adorable puppy dog eyes.

“You don’t get one for being a jerk to Mike.” Naya replies while walking away with Santana; both laughing at Noah’s sad face.

“Dude you just got burned by your girlfriend.” Jake says laughing with the rest of the group.

The bell rings and breaks the laughter of the group, as everyone heads to their last class of the day before encore classes. Noah is pouting all the way through class until Naya slips Noah a kiss when the teacher is not looking. His eyes brighten up with the warm fuzzy feeling in his stomach. He smiles at Naya and slips her a kiss back.







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