The Beginning of The End

A group of friends in their last year of high school go through a tragic event. What happens?


10. Chapter nine Broken bones

“Hey, San have you seen my purple shirt that says, ‘I may be evil but I am sexy too.’ I can’t find it at all.” Naya asks her twin sister who is putting on her make-up.

“Did you check under your silky pink shirt?” Santana asks looking at her sister from the mirror.

“No, thanks San!” Naya yells running out of Santana’s room.

 “Welcome Nay!” Santana yells back in reply.

Naya comes back wearing her purple shirt with a dark purple skirt.

“I love how coach lets us wear regular clothes on Friday’s.” Naya sighs out happily.

“Me too.” Santana replies wearing a pink sundress with a hot pink cardigan over it.

“Looking good sis.” Naya says noting that Santana has her hair down in waves.

“You too sis.” Santana replies noting that Naya has her hair in a long side ponytail.

“Girls let’s go! You’re going to be late for school!” Maria yells up to her adopted daughters.

“Coming Maria!””Coming mom!” Santana and Naya yell at the same time.

“San stop calling her Maria it hurts her feelings.” Naya chastises her sister.

“She ain’t my mama, my mama died. I will never replace mama Nay and you know that.” Santana replies before walking down the stairs.

“San that’s not what I meant. I meant that Maria is our mom but will never be mama.” Naya says rushing after Santana.

Turning around Santana glares at Naya.

“She isn’t even my mom. So drop it or drive yourself t school.” Santana says turning back around.

Before Santana can grab onto the railing she is falling down the last twelve steps.

“San!” Naya yells running down to Santana who is holding her left wrist and right ankle.

“Mom! Dad! Santana is hurt.” Naya yells kneeling down next to Santana and pulling into a gentle hug.

“It hurts Nay.” Santana sobs out.

Maria and Jack come running to the stairs.

“Santana, are you okay? Maria asks in a worried voice.

“Does it look like I am okay?” Santana snaps her voice full of sarcasm.

“San, stop we need to get you to the hospital.” Naya says as Jack bends down to pick Santana up.

“No! I don’t want to go to the hospital!” Santana shouts trying to move away from her adopted father.

“San, you need to go to the hospital your wrist and ankle might be broken.” Naya replies trying to calm Santana’s nerves.

“But I am fine.” Santana says trying to get out of going to the hospital.

“Santana you are going to the hospital and that’s final.” Maria says in a stern tone leaving no room for argument.

“Fine.” Santana replies with tears streaming down her face.

When Jack puts Santana into the car she growls when he hits her ankle on the door.

“Dad be careful!” Naya yells when she sees Santana’s pained look.

“I am trying to.” Jack replies after finally situating Santana in the car.

“Can we please just get to the hospital!” Santana growls when the pain gets more intense.

“Hang on Tana you have to give us more time.” Maria says before Santana glares at her.

“I told you to never call me Tana only Naya and my friends can call me that.” Santana growls, glaring at Maria.

“San, stop it she is just trying to help.” Naya says gently as they start driving.

“I don’t care. I have told her many times before never to call me San or Tana.” Santana whispers.

“I know Tana but sometimes she says it on accident never on purpose.” Naya whispers back wrapping an arm around Santana’s shoulder.

“Nay, I don’t think I broke anything maybe just sprained them.” Santana whispers hopefully.

“Maybe you are right San but you never know.” Naya whispers back.

“Girls we will be there in a few minutes.” Jack says hoping he doesn’t upset Santana again.

“Okay. Thanks Jack.” Santana says quietly.

A few minutes later and they pull up outside of Southside Hospital.

“Santana do you want me or Naya to carry you in?” Jack asks politely.

“Can Nay carry me?” Santana asks in a small voice.

“Of course she can.” Jack says giving Maria a glare when she goes to protest.

Naya quickly gets out of the car and walks over to Santana’s door.

“San, I have to pick you up. But I need you to sit up.” Naya tells her sister gently.

Santana just nods and sits up. Leaning over Naya puts one arm under Santana’s legs and the other behind her back.

“Okay. I am going to lift on three. One… Two… Three.” Naya lifts Santana up gently and starts walking to the hospital entrance.

“Can you promise me we will never fight again?” Santana asks in a quiet voice.

“I promise.” Naya whispers before walking into the hospital.

“Hello, how may I help you?” A blonde haired doctor asks.

“Hi we think she either broke or sprained her left wrist and right ankle.” Maria says looking at the female doctor.

The doctor nods and brings them into a room.

“My name is Dr. Chain. I will be taking Santana for X-rays but I need someone to fill out these papers.” Dr. Chain says before leaving to get a wheelchair for Santana.

“I will fill out the papers.” Naya says before Maria or Jack can say anything.

When Santana is taken for X-rays, Naya texts her friends to let them know why her and Santana weren’t at school.

After six or seven minutes Santana is brought back into the room by Dr. Chain.

“Santana has a minor sprain to her left wrist and right ankle. But they should be healed in about two to three weeks. So you are free to go.” Dr. Chain says before leaving the room.

Santana grins before Naya wraps her arm around her waist and they leave to go home. Naya helps Santana to her room and they lay down and talk for a while. Before they know it it’s night time and Naya leaves to her room so they can both go to sleep.


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