The Beginning of The End

A group of friends in their last year of high school go through a tragic event. What happens?


15. Chapter fourteen returning to school

It has been three days and is now the day that the group is to return to school. Santana is getting ready in her room with Naya and the girls. The boys are getting ready in Naya’s room so they can all get to school together.

“I can’t believe we have to go to school.” Naya says.

“Yeah well we do graduate in four weeks now.” Olivia replies.

“True dat!” Brittany says in an English voice cracking everyone up.

“Why do you always talk in different voices?” Santana asks.

“Because, it lightens the mood.” Brittany replies in a British voice.

“Well then thank you B.” Santana says.

Noah walks up to the door when he is sure they are done and knocks.

“Time to go.” Noah says once the door is opened.

Taking a deep breath all of the girls fall him to the front door where they meet up with the rest of the boys. Looking at each other they nod before Noah opens the door. They get into separate cars and head to the school.

While in the car Santana and Naya turn on the radio. When If I Die Young comes on they quickly turn it off.

“Why did they have to play that at the funeral?” Brittany asks from the backseat.

“Because, Sam chose it and Luke did die young.” Naya whispers.

Santana speeds up; her hands tightening on the steering wheel.

“San, slow down!” Naya screams.

Santana quickly slows down and looks at Naya.

“I’m sorry Nay.” She whispers.

“It’s fine San just don’t do that again it scared me to death.” Naya whispers back.

“So what are we going to do when we get to school?” Brittany asks.

“We are going to go to our classes eat lunch together and then we are going to come back to Naya’s and my place to hang.” Santana replies.

“Okay.”Brittany says right as they pull up to the school.

“I’m scared.” Santana whispers as she remembers what happened.

“We will be fine. He can’t hurt you anymore Santi.” Naya says using the nickname Alejandro once used.

“You promise?” Santana asks.

“I promise.” Naya replies.

They park and get out of the car waiting for the others to park and get out of their cars. The whole groups walks up to the front of the school and through the door together. People stop and stare when they see Santana.

“People are staring.” Santana whispers.

“San you can do it.” Naya says.

“Yeah San you gots this.” Noah says.

“You’re right I gots this.” Santana replies all of her confidence coming back.

“Great let’s get to class.” Olivia says.

They all walk to their classes and the day starts off great. But by the end Santana just wants to go home.

“Hey loser. Glad you got shot.” Cameron Danford one of Sven’s friends says.

Santana quickly leaves the class room and stays in the girls’ bathroom until lunch. When she walks to the cafeteria she has a flashback.



Jones!” He yells and Santana slowly turns around.

What do you want Montgomery?” Santana growls out; very annoyed with him.

Any last words?” He asks lifting up his gun.

Yeah. You. Don’t. Scare. Me.” She replies with a smirk.

Goodbye forever Jones.” Sven replies pulling the trigger.

It all happens in slow motion. The bullet hitting Santana in the stomach. Santana falling to the ground unmoving.

That’s what you get for bullying me Jones.” Sven says spitting on her as he leaves.

Santana! Can you hear me?” He asks his best friend.

Luke?” Santana coughs out.

Yeah, San I’m here.” Lucas replies.

Get help.” Is the last thing Santana says before passing out.

No! San! Wake up!” Lucas yells.

End of flashback

“San, are you okay?” Naya asks walking up beside my sister.

“This is where Sven shot me.” Santana whispers.

“Come on.” Naya says walking into the cafeteria with Santana.

Lunch flew by and soon they were in their classes again before going home.

Santana and Naya were sitting on the loveseat with Noah between them.

“So school was eventful.” Santana says.

“Yeah it was.” Naya replies.

“Why what happened?” Noah asks in a protective tone.

“One of Sven Montgomery’s friends came up to me and said that I deserved being shot.” Santana whispers.

“Well don’t listen to that idiot.” Noah says hugging Santana closer to him.

“Why do you still treat me like family Noah?” Santana asks.

“Because, you will always be family.” Noah replies.

“Promise?” Santana asks.

“I promise. Plus one of these days Naya and I might get married. Then you are stuck with me.” Noah says with a grin.

The group of friends all had fun remembering moments with Lucas and talking about their futures. College was right around the corner.

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