The Beginning of The End

A group of friends in their last year of high school go through a tragic event. What happens?


5. Chapter four

Later that night it was decided, that the other girls would be spending the night at the Jones’s house.

“San, are you feeling alright?” Olivia asked seeing how her friend keeps coughing.

“I’m fine Livia just a cough.” Santana replies

“Did you know that zombies will be taking over the world in 2012?” asked Brittany who was spinning in the desk chair.

The other seven girls just look at her like she is crazy.

“Um... No Britt, we didn’t know that. “ Samantha says after a few minutes of silence.

“Know what?” “Brittany asked as if she had forgotten what she had said moments before

“That zombies will be taking over the world in 2012” Hannah replies.

“What! They can’t take over the world they will hurt Kayla!” Brittany shouts holding Kayla to her chest.

“Britt, I bet Kayla would be happy to know you care about her so much.” Naya says smiling at Brittany.

“Thanks! Where did San go?” Brittany asks looking for her best friend.

Naya spins around and doesn’t see her twin.

‘I don’t know Britt” Naya replies.

Naya stops and listens to find where her sister is. Brittany looks at the door when she hears a noise and sees Santana in the doorway with a glass of water.

“What?” Santana asks not liking being stared at.

“You look like you were hit by a bus!” Brittany replies in a serious tone.

“That’s how I feel Britt” Santana replies

“I’m bored” Samantha suddenly mumbles

“We all are Blondie” Victoria says in a teasing tone

Naya stands up looking at her phone “I have to go!” She says to her friends as she tries to exit from the group.

“Where are you going?” Brittany asks staring at her brunette friend.

Naya turns and replies “Britt I have to meet Noah at Changed Directions you know that.” Naya replies looking at her.

“But I thought you changed that to tomorrow to hang out with us?” Brittany asks

“I did but Noah texted me saying the shop was getting busy and the boss wants me to come in” Naya replies looking at Britt with sparkling brown eyes.

“Okay see ya later evil sista.” Brittany replies in a British like voice, causing the other girls to laugh.

“Cracking the jokes at me now love?” Olivia asks in her not so thick British accent

“Aye mate” Brittany replies in an Australian accent.

“Seriously Britt? What’s with the accents?” Hannah asks looking at the tall blonde dancer.

“I honestly don’t know.” Brittany replies with a confused smile.

“Okay. Sorry Britt.” Victoria replies earnestly.

“For what?” Brittany asks tilting her head in an adorable way.

“I actually don’t know.” Victoria replies also confused,

“Well I’z gotz ta go.” Naya says walking out of the room and to her pink Porsche.

Back in the room with the other girls.

“I didn’t get to say bye.” Brittany says with a pout.

“Don’t worry B.” Santana says, curling onto Naya’s bed and pulling the tall blonde dancer with her.

“I’m sleepy.” Brittany mumbles curling into her Latina best friend.

“Hun, we can’t fall asleep on Naya’s bed. Let’s go to my room.” Santana replies sitting up and climbing off of Naya’s bed with the blonde following.

“We are going to the guest rooms.” Olivia tells Santana and Brittany before they all walk out and go into different rooms.

“San, are you going to break up with Dale?” Brittany asks having changed into her duck pajamas and having put Kayla in a box with some bread.

“I don’t know Britt. I just don’t know.” Santana replies climbing into bed wearing pink and black shorts and a pink tank top.

“Stay with him if you love him.” Brittany says in an unusually smart tone.

“Ow!” Santana yelps before turning to look at Brittany with a stern gaze.

“Did you just pinch me?” Santana asks Brittany who smiles innocently.

“No.” Brittany replies.

“Liar!” Santana shouts playfully before she starts tickling the tall blonde.

“Stop!” Brittany says through squeals of laughter.

“Not until you say you’re sorry Blondie.” Santana replies still tickling Brittany.

“I’m sorry that I pinched you.” Brittany squeals out.

“Okay.” Santana replies as she stops tickling Brittany.

“We should go to sleep.” Santana says.

Brittany nods and closes her eyes. Ten minutes later both girls fall asleep with smiles on their faces.



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