The Beginning of The End

A group of friends in their last year of high school go through a tragic event. What happens?


16. Chapter fifteen college preparations

Three more weeks go buy and everyone is worrying about the last week of school before graduation. Santana is in her room doing her hair for the day when Maria knocks on the door.

“Santana it’s time for school.” Maria says.

“Thanks Maria.” Santana says opening the door.

“Can I talk to you for a minute before you go?” Maria asks hesitantly.

”Yeah sure.” Santana replies sitting down on her bed, motioning for Maria to do the same.

“I am so glad you are still alive. I can hardly stand thinking of losing you. But I know you don’t like me.” Maria says.

“Maria I do like you I just miss my parents.” Santana replies pulling Maria into a hug.

“You should head to school.” Maria says pulling out of the hug.

“Alright. Bye Maria.” Santana says before heading to school with Naya.

Sitting with her friends at lunch nothing prepared Santana for what was about to happen.

“Hey loser.” Cameron says as he dumps his lunch on Santana.

Noah and the rest of the guys quickly stand up while the girls take Santana out of the cafeteria.

“What the hell is your problem!” Noah screams.

“ My problem is that loser got my best friend put in jail.” Cameron replies.

“Your best friend shot two of our best friends injured four others and killed seven others. He injured three teachers and killed one. So if he is still your best friend then that is sick.” Mike growls.

It was caught on camera that Cameron threw the first punch and Mike retaliated. Now they are sitting in the principal’s office.

“Cameron I have never known you to be like this. Mike what happened?” Principal James asks.

Mike tells him from the beginning and then Principal James suspends Cameron and he is not allowed to graduate with the class. Mike gets detention for the day and is told he can graduate still. When Mike leaves to meet up with his friends they ask him what happened and he tells them.

“Wow. I never thought that would happen.” Kaleb says.

Santana is just staring into space when Naya nudges her.

“What you thinking of?” Naya asks.

“Lucas was supposed to be valedictorian but when he died I became valedictorian.” Santana mumbles.

“Well have you written a speech?” Kaleb asks.

“Not really.” Santana says.

“I can’t believe we graduate on Monday.” Olivia says.

“You mean in five days?” Brittany asks.

“Yes. Has anyone gotten letters from colleges besides me?” Olivia asks.

Everyone nods their heads.

“Did anyone get in?” Jake asks.

“I got into UCLA with San.” Naya says.

“I got into the University of Columbia.” Noah says.

“Julliard.” Brittany replies.

“NYADA.” Olivia, Hannah, and Taylor say.

“Penn State.” Dale, Jake, and Mike say.

“Harvard.” Samantha, Kaleb, and Nathaniel reply.

“At least we all got into our dream college.” Noah says.

Everyone else just nods. Nobody really wanting to leave their friends.

“I leave after graduation.” Samantha whispers.

“We will all miss you.” Naya replies.

Getting nods as back up. They can’t wait to graduate but at the same time know someone is missing. They knew if Lucas was here he would have gone to Ohio State like his parents.

“It’s going to be so hard not having Lucas here.” Santana whispers.

“Yeah well at least we know he is in a good place with an amazing man and your brother to lead him through it.” Noah says.

“I hope he is happy up there.” Samantha says.

“He is. I can feel it.” Olivia replies.

So with the hard ship of losing a friend they prepare to finish the school day and then graduate in five days.



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