The Beginning of The End

A group of friends in their last year of high school go through a tragic event. What happens?


12. Chapter eleven Help and shot

Samantha Grace Rodriguez is sitting in her classroom with Olivia when a gunshot goes off. Her teacher Mr. Card quickly gets on his phone. Samantha is shaking in her seat wondering if all of her friends are safe but mostly if the love of her life is safe. As soon as Mr. Card gets off the phone everyone notices that he has visibly paled.

“Mr. Card what’s going on?” Samantha asks in a scared voice.

Clearing his throat Mr. Card replies. “There is a shooter in the school.”

“Has anyone been shot?” Olivia asks.

“Yes. Santana Jones.” Mr. Card says quietly.

The whole class gasps at having been told one of the students has been shot.

“Is she okay?” Samantha asks quickly.

“She is bleeding badly but the nurse is trying everything she can to get the blood to stop.” Mr. Card replies solemnly.

Just as he says that there is a second gunshot.

“Oh god!” Samantha cries out.

“Shhh. We all need to get down on the ground away from the door. I’ll lock the door.” Mr. Card says quickly running to lock the door.

As soon as the door is locked a third gunshot goes off and he falls to the ground holding his stomach. All of the students in the room scream.

“Mr. Card I’m going to call the office on my cell phone.” Samantha says.

“Okay. Just be quiet while you call.” He coughs out.

Samantha dials the office number and talks to Mr. Famaniel.

“Mr. Famaniel says he is going to patch me through to the nurse.” Samantha says.

Hello, Samantha is that you?” Mrs. Drake asks.

Yes, Mr. Card has been shot in the stomach what do I do?” Samantha asks putting the phone on speaker.

Samantha what you need to do is put Mr. Card flat on his back and then find something like a shirt or jacket to put on his wound.” Mrs. Drake says.

One of the boys in the class takes off his jacket and hands it to Samantha. Two boys move Mr. Card away from the door and lay him flat on his back in front of Samantha. Bending down on her knees Samantha puts the jacket on Mr. Card’s wound and puts pressure on it.

Okay now what do I do?” Samantha asks.

Samantha now I need you to be very brave. You need to find something, anything you can to wrap that tightly around Mr. Card so you can keep checking his vitals. You also need to get him lots of fluids.” Mrs. Drake says.

Olivia quickly grabs a big string from a box. While three other students grab waters from their bags. Samantha grabs the string as two boys lift Mr. Card up so she can put the string under him. After the boys lay Mr. Card back down Samantha ties the string as tight as she can on the jacket to keep it on his wound so he stops bleeding.

Okay I have done that and as we speak Olivia is giving him some water anything else I need to do?” Samantha asks cautiously.

Honey that is all you can do until we get help.” Mrs. Drake says in a solemn tone.

Okay. I’m going to hang up now.” Samantha says before hanging up the phone.

With Kaleb, Dale, Noah, Victoria, Hannah, Brittany, Mike, Jake, Nathaniel, and Taylor in their classroom. Everyone having heard the three gunshots were hiding near the far wall with their class jumps when they hear footsteps coming near their room.

“What do we do?” Brittany asks looking at her boyfriend scared.

“We wait for the police and ambulances to get here.” Mike whispers kissing Brittany’s forehead.

“How do we know they are coming?” Taylor asks.

“Because, they always do.” Jake snaps glaring at Taylor.

“Okay.” Taylor mumbles.

“I wonder how everyone else is.” Kaleb says.

“I don’t know but I have a bad feeling.” Hannah replies.

“I hope nobody’s hurt.” Noah says; worrying about Naya.

Naya was sitting silently staring at her phone wanting to call and see how Santana is but instead decides to text Jack.

Text: Dad San has been shot. There is a shooter in the school. We need the police now.

“Who did you just text?” Mrs. Diego asks.

“I texted my dad to see if he can get help.” Naya replies.

“Okay.” Mrs. Diego says.

Fifteen year old Natalie Cross is walking into to school late because she had a doctor’s appointment when all of a sudden she is pulled into the office by a teacher.

“Ms. Cross you don’t want to be out there.” Mr. Famaniel says.

“Why what’s going on?” Natalie asks.

“There is a shooter in the halls.” Mr. Famaniel replies.

“What do you mean?” Natalie asks.

“Don’t go into the halls.” Mr. Famaniel says.

Ignoring him Natalie starts heading to Mrs. Diego’s room. Sven turns the corner and sees her.

“Hey Nat.” Sven says.

“Hey Sven. Mr. Famaniel is trying to tell me there is a shooter in the school.” Natalie says laughing.

“There is.” Sven replies pulling out his pistol and shooting Natalie.

As soon as he got the text Jack Jones calls the police and his wife telling them about the school shooting and one of his daughter’s having been shot. As soon as he arrived at the school after picking up his wife he saw all of the police cars arriving.

Samuel Patrol had never been called about a school shooting. As he got out of the police cruiser he didn’t know what to expect.

“Sir, do you know how many have been shot.” A local news caster by the name of Oscar Mchathens asks.

“We only know of one.” Is all he gets in reply.

“You heard it folks. I am standing right outside of Southside High School where a student has started a shooting. Only one student is known to have been shot. We will keep you posted.” Oscar said.

Nobody was prepared to see another girl get shot as she walked out of the office. But seeing it happened pulled at everyone’s heart strings. Nobody saw the shooter until he walked by the door. They soon realized the shooter was Sven Montgomery.






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